F-ONE Kiteboarding Mitu Pro Carbon 2024 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Mitu Pro Carbon 2024

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The MITU PRO CARBON is a highly sought-after board known for its agility and reactivity in wave riding, as well as its strapless freestyle and air game capabilities. It boasts a compact outline and features a single concave that has become a signature of the MITU PRO models. This unique shape allows the board to plane early, accelerate quickly, and maintain stability in various conditions.

Over time, the shape of the MITU PRO CARBON has been refined with lateral flat sections on the bottom and a flat section between the front and back foot. The rocker line has also been optimized to enhance edge control and overall control of the board. The swallow tail design allows for smooth and easy turning, while still allowing for aggressive turns and hard bottom turns when desired. The volume, stability, and float of the board are perfectly balanced, resulting in improved surfing performance.

Constructed using HD Foam Carbon Composite technology, the MITU PRO CARBON is incredibly lightweight due to the use of carbon fiber. The board provides excellent grip and stickiness, making it ideal for executing strapless airs. Its high-speed ability, planing capabilities, and stability make it the ultimate choice for those seeking a strapless board. Designed to meet the demands of even the most experienced riders, the MITU PRO CARBON offers confidence-inspiring speed and freedom on the waves.

The range includes five sizes, ranging from 5'2" to 5'10". The larger sizes prioritize planing ability and stability, while the smaller sizes focus on maneuverability. All sizes share the same shape features but have specific outlines to maximize the energy of the waves.

Each board in the range comes equipped with a full pad. The 5'2" and 5'4" boards include the new F-ONE Flow Carbon XS fins, while the 5'6", 5'8", and 5'10" boards come with F-ONE Flow Carbon M fins.

The sandwich construction of the board, consisting of high-density foam, glass, and carbon fiber, ensures a lightweight yet strong and durable structure that can withstand heel pressures and dings. The high-density foam adds overall strength to the board, improving its weight-to-strength ratio.

The RTM CARBON Technology utilized in this board benefits from the regular RTM process, providing a distinct sharp feel on the water. In the carbon version, the carbon fibers are vertically placed at the front of the fins to enhance their stability and allow flex on the tips. This design results in stiffer and more precise fins, offering comfort and sharper turns during high-load situations.

In summary, the MITU PRO CARBON is a highly performing board that excels in wave riding, strapless freestyle, and air maneuverability. Its construction with carbon fiber makes it incredibly lightweight and offers excellent grip. The range includes various sizes tailored to different preferences, with all boards sharing the same shape characteristics optimized for wave energy utilization. With its strength, speed, and versatility, this board meets the demands of even the most experienced riders, instilling confidence and providing freedom on the waves.


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