Eleveight Kites Ignition V4 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Eleveight Kites Ignition V4 2024

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The Ignition V4 by Eleveight Sports is a progressive freeride twintip kiteboard designed to ignite your love for kiteboarding and help you progress in style and comfort. Featuring innovative PRS technology for increased grip and upwind ability, along with a carbon-reinforced core for durability and outstanding flex, the Ignition promises a smooth and fun ride for kiteboarders of all levels.

The Ignition’s profile is specifically crafted to reduce drag, increase lift, and enhance speed, making it perfect for light wind conditions. The board's ABS rail material provides added impact resistance, ensuring lasting performance, while the carbon-reinforced lightweight Paulownia wood core offers optimum flex for control in various conditions. The V4 model introduces new enhancements, including a revised top mould and channel layout for improved grip and control, as well as a thinner core for increased flexibility and reduced weight.

With a focus on early planing, comfort, control, and carving, the Ignition delivers a well-balanced medium rocker for tackling light wind conditions. Its optimized flex pattern combines comfort and performance attributes, while the elliptical outline with rounded tips enhances carving abilities, especially for heavier riders. The board's bottom features a single concave with tip channels for early planing and added grip.

Eleveight Sports takes pride in crafting high-quality kiteboards with dedication, experience, and premium materials, ensuring superior performance and durability. The lightweight wood core, reinforced with carbon and high-quality fibres, provides exceptional flex patterns and pop, while the Parabolic Rail Shape technology enhances grip and upwind performance. The UV-resistant top base and abrasion-resistant bottom ensure the board stays looking good while maintaining durability.

In conclusion, the Ignition V4 by Eleveight Sports is a well-designed, versatile kiteboard that offers a blend of comfort, performance, and durability. Whether you're a beginner looking to progress or an experienced kiteboarder seeking an efficient ride, the Ignition V4 is a reliable choice that combines cutting-edge technology with practical design elements to enhance your kiteboarding experience.


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