Eleveight Kites Stellar V1 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Eleveight Kites Stellar V1 2024

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The Stellar V1 by Eleveight Sports is a high-tech freeride board designed for Big Air performance. Crafted with sustainable Basalt fiber for dynamic flex and perfect damping, the Stellar features a multi-concave bottom shape for excellent grip and an innovative CAD design for optimized water flow.

The new Stellar offers limitless boosting potential, catering to both megaloopers and ambitious riders looking to reach the exclusive 30m club. The combination of materials and flex curves delivers explosive bounce and pop, ensuring a top-tier performance in Big Air scenarios. The narrow concave channel layout towards the rear generates increased pressure for early lift-off, resulting in an explosive pop.

The board's multi-concave underwater hull enhances water flow patterns, providing exceptional coordination and driving behavior. Additionally, the use of Basalt fibers, Paulownia wood core, and eco-friendly Greenpoxy contribute to reducing the board's ecological footprint. With superb driving performance and easy accessibility, the Stellar caters to riders seeking to push their limits and achieve record-breaking jumps.

Featuring a lightweight design, the Stellar boasts a great wind range, comfort, upwind capabilities, and carving performance. Its elliptic outline with rounded tips and Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) enhance grip and upwind abilities. The board's construction with high-quality materials, Super Fly Core, biax laminate, spread tow carbon stringer, and Parabolic Rail Shape ensures durability, excellent pop, and smooth riding experience.

Eleveight Sports combines pure watersport spirit with contemporary style, striving for simple perfection in all their products. With its cutting-edge design and performance-driven features, the Stellar V1 stands out as a high-tech, eco-friendly board suitable for riders aiming to soar to new heights and achieve unparalleled Big Air performance.

Summary: The Stellar V1 by Eleveight Sports is a top-tier freeride board designed for Big Air performance, featuring sustainable Basalt fiber construction, innovative water flow design, and high-quality materials for durability and unmatched riding experience. Ideal for riders seeking to push their limits and achieve record-breaking jumps, the Stellar offers exceptional grip, upwind capabilities, and carving performance, making it a standout choice for those looking to elevate their riding to new heights.


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