Eleveight Kites FS V7 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Eleveight Kites FS V7 2024

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THE FS has established itself as the top choice for those seeking high-performance freestyle and big air action. Designed specifically for radical maneuvers in these disciplines, the FS offers efficient upwind performance and exceptional stability.

Version 7 of the FS is the epitome of progressive kite design, delivering explosive and radical performance. With its dynamic vertical lift, riders can achieve higher boosts, more intense loops, and aggressive pops while maintaining control.

Tailored to meet the demands of professional riders, the FS features an open-C 5 strut design, embodying the traits of a genuine C-kite for advanced action. It comes as no surprise that former World Champion Arthur Guillebert has chosen the FS as his weapon of choice. However, the accessible performance of the FS also caters to those who are still climbing the ranks.

Despite its agility and dynamism, the FS remains incredibly stable and efficient. Its wide angle of attack comes into play during kite loops or pop-outs, while the pulley-free bridles ensure direct turning impulses. With optimum bar feedback, riders have complete control over smooth and consistent power development.

In terms of durability, the FS is built to withstand any load while maintaining its explosive lift. The addition of new panel cuts in the canopy promotes more efficient force distribution, resulting in even more accessible and enjoyable loops. Furthermore, the weight of the FS has been optimized across all sizes, and the V7 introduces new XT light fabric in the 14m, reducing the weight of the inflatable structure by 15%.

To safeguard against the risk of bridle wrap, the FS features thin LE tips and improved deflectors. Riders can now perform handle passes and advanced freestyle moves with enhanced control.

The FS's turning characteristics have been optimized for radical boosts, providing an immediate reaction to steering impulses. During turns, the kite generates powerful pull, offering an exhilarating forward momentum in kite loops. The FS's low wingtip sweep enhances its radical power, while the open C-design ensures excellent vertical lift and direct control.

Eleveight kites are known for their innovative and high-quality craftsmanship. Every detail is strategically designed to ensure long-lasting durability without compromising the kite's agility. The superior X4 canopy fabric, made in partnership with Teijin, guarantees strength, tear-resistance, and high-temperature UV resistance.

The FS's durable construction includes glued and stitched seams, large diameter valves and strut connectors for easy inflation and deflation, double strut head reinforcement, a short pulley-free 5-point bridle setup for enhanced turning speed and agility, and a redesigned 3D bridle deflector to prevent bridle wrap.

For added durability, strategic Extreme Tenacity (XT) cloth reinforcements are placed to eliminate canopy wear and tear, while a tough and lightweight bladder made in Germany ensures the kite's structural integrity. The kook-proof front and backline connection points, along with the pull-to-pull tags, allow for easy rigging and line adjustment.

The FS offers versatility with different bridle line turning settings, allowing riders to adjust the kite's performance based on their riding style and wind conditions. The triple-reinforced closing seam along the leading edge and angled reinforcements along the trailing edge ensure durability, stability, and longevity.

Eleveight's focus is on delivering simple perfection in everything they do, combining the spirit of pure watersports with modern expression and style. With the help of their kitefinder, they assist riders in finding the perfect kite to suit their needs.

In summary, the FS is the ultimate choice for high-performance freestyle and big air action. This kite features explosive radical performance, exceptional stability, and a durable construction that guarantees optimal performance in any condition. With the FS, riders can push their limits and achieve their wildest tricks and maneuvers.

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