Eleveight Kites RS+ V2 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Eleveight Kites RS+ V2 2024

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The RS+ is their ultralight top-performance kite, designed for those seeking the ultimate freeride experience. It is a precision high-tech freeride kite with an ultra-direct feel, offering easy handling, powerful lift, and massive hang time. The RS+ is also known for its ultra-stable light construction, allowing efficiency even in low wind conditions.

The RS+ V2 is the improved version, featuring advancements in force distribution and stability at the low end. The bar pressure has been reduced while still providing direct feedback, and the turning characteristics have been harmonized throughout the wind range. With enhanced predictability, the RS+ V2 offers an exceptional flying experience.

One of the unique features of the RS+ is the superior Dynea Tex fabric. This fabric is stronger and more durable than regular Dacron, with up to 32 times higher tear and tensile strength. Dynea Tex is also 30% lighter, making it the perfect balance between responsiveness, lightweight, and long-term performance.

The RS+ utilizes XT Light material in the struts, further reducing weight while maintaining the right amount of stiffness for the frame structure. This material enhances the kite's responsiveness, providing a more direct and precise flying experience.

With exceptional materials and technology, the RS+ offers an upgrade to a VIP freeride potential, instantly response to steering, covering a wide wind range with upwind performance, and delivering maximized hangtime. The kite is built with innovative and quality workmanship, ensuring long-lasting durability and agility.

Various features such as Dynea Tex fabric, X4 Ripstop canopy, large valve and strut connectors, double strut head reinforcement, and strategically placed Extreme Tenacity (XT) cloth reinforcements contribute to the durability and reliability of the kite. The RS+ also offers convenient features like kook proof front and backline connection points, easy switching between backline trim options, and trim settings to adapt to different riding styles and wind conditions.

Overall, the RS+ is a top-performing kite packed with innovative technology and superior materials, providing an outstanding freeride experience. With Eleveight's commitment to simple perfection, they strive to meet the needs of every rider.


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