Kitelement Revolt Blue LW 150 x 45cm 2020 Kitesurfing Review

Kitelement Revolt Blue LW 150 x 45cm 2020

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At A Glance

With advances in board design, large twin tips are becoming more popular down the beach. Just because a board is large doesn’t mean you’re going to get the classic door style ride of the past.

We recently got our hands on the new Kitelement Revolt Blue LW. This 150 x 45cm twin tip has a couple of key features which make it stand out from the crowd! Like others in the Kitelement range, it’s a split board! Yep, you heard me correctly; you can travel with this lightwind board without the need for oversize baggage. Win.

The Revolt Blue LW has a moderate amount of flex, 3rd Gen A-Lock Joint system, polyurethane sidewalls and adaptable bindings. The shape of this board has been modified into an X shape which provides a wider profile under the feet, with a smaller cut-down centre. This allows the board to still provide a high surface area. However, the bulk is in all the right places to allow maximum control. We see Quattro channels on the base of the Revolt Blue LW. These channels, along with the higher amount of rocker, medium flex and new shape, give this board such a modern ride compared to what we used to see on large boards.

Setup of this splitboard using the new 3rd Gen A-Lock Joint system is super easy: 6 screws placed in the top deck of the board and you’re ready to add your pads/straps and fins. Kitelement chuck in a bundle of spare screws which is a very welcomed touch for a travel board.

Sizes: Onesize: 150 x 45cm.

On The Water

I’ve ridden a few beasts in my 20+ years of kiting, starting out on a 180cm board as a 10-year-old. However, over recent years, trying a bundle of these larger light wind boards has highlighted the fact you can make so much more out of your sessions with some more surface area under your feet. What immediately stands out with the Revolt Blue LW is the smooth and high-performance ride it boasts.

This board gets you up and keeps you up in lighter conditions, however, remains controllable at speed when the wind ramps up. The channels and shape give this board plenty of grip for maximum upwind ability and pop. A lot of old “doors” were horrible and lost grip at speed or when loading up for a move. However, the Revolt Blue LW feels so similar to a regular twin tip; you could find yourself forgetting you’re on a light wind board.

Despite the fact, the board is re-enforced in the centre for the split it provides a very smooth response, and the board absorbs landings perfectly. The Revolt doesn’t want to skip out or bite on the edges, allowing for great carve and rail-to-rail transfer. The pads and straps that come with the Kitelement boards are basic to the eye but ideal. Simplicity is key for a good connection with the board. The pads are super comfortable underfoot, and the toe ridge is welcomed. The single strap system allows for easy adjustment and, in my opinion, provides the comfiest feel on the foot.


Another solid board from Kitelement that performs incredibly well and is likely to get you out enjoying a session when you would usually be watching from the beach. This board boasts a solid construction, a high-performance ride (for a lightwind board, see the rest of Kitelement’s range if you are looking for a smaller high-performance board) and even better it packs down into a regular suitcase. A seriously good option for those wanting to take a larger board away with them to maximize days on the water, a great first board for beginners and even a fantastic choice for the larger riders out there who would appreciate the extra surface area every session.


This review was in Issue 81 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Sukie Robertson

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