North Kiteboarding Flare 143 x 42cm 2020 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Flare 143 x 42cm 2020

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At A Glance

The Flare is the all-out wakestyle freestyle board from North. Designed for those shredders who demand a board equally at home in the flats or over kickers, the Flare is a no-compromise wakestyle dream.

From the bottom up, the Flare features a low friction P-Tex grind base for those features you have lined up; ABS rails for longevity and durability; a high wakestyle rocker for those powered landings and square tips to generate maximum pop.

The board comes equipped with 2mm fins, however thanks to the prominent quad concave base and tip channelling it makes them very much optional.

North have focused on sustainability in all their products, and the Flare is no different with a paulownia wood core which not only has one of the highest weight to strength ratios, it also allows for less foam or resin to be used during its bonding process thanks to the wooden lay up. This wooden core is also modified depending on the board size, which allows for optimised flex patterns per size.

Sizes: 139x41, 143x42, 147x43, 151x43cm

On The Water

The Flare likes to be ridden by someone who knows how to use a board as opposed to someone standing on top a board; it is an all-out wakestyle and park board which needs power and control. The 143 is a fair bit above the size I would normally go for in a board, however, at no point did this feel oversized, and we would encourage you to go a size up with this board.

We won't bore you with talk of upwind ability although it is surprisingly good, and ease of use, again, it is impressive, we will simply get on to the good stuff. And this board is just that.

A long rail line with those square tips allows for maximum energy build-up for wakestyle moves. An explosive release followed by smooth landings allows you to continue progressing without delay.

This board is lightweight, and at its core, it is pure fun and freedom. Sandbars, buoys, structures, anything you can find, become part of your playground to tap, press and grind as your world suddenly opens up beyond the surface of the water. The longer length of the Flare here keeps things well balanced throughout.

We used the Flare with the excellent Fix bindings which were not only outrageously light but provided a solid connection with a simple velcro closure which ensured a continuous locked-in feel.


With a plethora of high-end freestyle riders in their ranks, there was no doubt Norths' high performing wakestyle board was going to be something special. Bucking the trend of going wider and wider and instead following the more wakeboard lead of a longer more proportioned board; the Flare has power, pop and performance in the bucket load. If you are after a board to fulfil your wildest freestyle dreams this one will surely not let you down.


This review was in Issue 84 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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