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North Kiteboarding Atmos Hybrid 2024

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The Atmos proves to be an exceptional choice for those seeking a high-performance freeride board that excels in explosive boosting, looping, and providing stable, predictable landings. Powered upwind with precise edge control, it features strategically placed layers of unidirectional carbon tape in its hybrid construction, resulting in a well-balanced dynamic flex. This design allows riders to navigate overpowered conditions with ease and control while still delivering early planing and remarkable low-end performance. With its medium rocker, progressive outline, and flex harmoniously working together, the Atmos becomes the ultimate all-terrain board, capable of taking riders to new heights in any weather conditions.

Incorporating the new FlipTech Mounting System, all North TwinTips for 2024 come with centerline inserts, extending the longevity of the board's rails. Furthermore, the Atmos is compatible with Fix Boots or Flex or Flex Pro Bindings, adding to its versatility. Designed for powerful upwind tracking, carving, and impressive Big Air sends, it ensures early planing, rapid response, and explosive pop. The board also incorporates a technology that absorbs impact by breaking the water surface tension, offering riders stable and predictable landings.

Strategically placed layers of unidirectional carbon tape reinforce the E-glass laminate, specifically in high load areas. Combined with a Paulownia wood core, the Atmos delivers a well-balanced flex that is both forgiving and allows for longer, more enjoyable rides. Easy carving through turns and optimal grip are always guaranteed, thanks to the balanced rocker, outline, and flex. The use of Paulownia wood as a core material contributes to the board's lightweight nature, high strength-to-weight ratio, and eco-friendliness.

The standardised SS316 M6x16mm hardware used across all twin tip boards and accessories ensures easy assembly and convenient replacement of parts. Additionally, the board's deck shape integrates an easy grip for board-offs, while the lightweight and ergonomic TPE material on the bindings provide excellent grip even when wet. The Atmos also features strong and abrasion-resistant composite fins with dogbone washers and standardised screws.

The new FlipTech Mounting System, with centerline inserts, is a common feature in all North TwinTip boards for 2024. Finally, the flex characteristic of each TwinTip board is determined by various factors, including core thickness, taper, detailing, and laminate layups. These factors work in conjunction with the rocker line, plan shape view, and profile to deliver specific performance characteristics unique to each board.

We take pride in using Paulownia wood as it reduces carbon emissions and promotes sustainability. This lightweight wood possesses high shear force and impact resistance, displacing the need for excessive foam or resin in manufacturing. Each board has a customised core thickness, ensuring consistent characteristics across the range, regardless of the rider's size or weight.

To ensure the longevity of the Atmos, the bindings can be flipped around, granting a new heelside rail when one side wears out. For the best experience, we recommend pairing the Atmos with the Flex or Flex Pro bindings, which offer soft cushioning and just the right amount of grip. The anatomically-shaped heel cup provides support and stability upon landing, ensuring the correct orthopaedic position for the foot and reducing the risk of slipping. With the addition of the pure-comfort seamless KnitFlex inners and triple-density footbeds, riders can achieve a locked-in feel. The Flex and Flex Pro bindings are sold separately in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

In summary, the Atmos is a remarkable board that excels in Big Air and Freeride disciplines. Its combination of explosive lifting power, stability, and predictable landings make it a top choice for riders looking to enhance their performance in all conditions.

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