North Kiteboarding Focus Hybrid 2024 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Focus Hybrid 2024

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The Focus is an expertly designed board that pushes the boundaries of performance freestyle riding. They offer explosive pop, dynamic flex, and precise response. The greater traction provided by the board allows riders to hold their rail and edge harder, while the stiffer backbone ensures more controlled take-offs. The hybrid carbon technology used in the board incorporates unidirectional carbon reinforcement tapes, resulting in a well-balanced and responsive flex that allows for longer and more comfortable rides. The butter-soft tips reduce the impact load on landings and slice through chop, providing a smooth experience.

In 2024, all North TwinTips have been upgraded to feature the new FlipTech Mounting System, which includes centerline inserts to enhance rail longevity. The progressive rocker and squarer, flatter outline of the board create the ultimate pop for aggressive freestyle moves, while the pulled-in tip shape adds durability.

The Focus also features strategically placed layers of unidirectional carbon tape that reinforce the E-glass laminate in high load areas. This layup is paired with a Paulownia wood core, known for its strength-to-weight ratio, resulting in a well-balanced flex and excellent performance. Additionally, the board spread the load and softens the impact, allowing for comfortable landings.

Moreover, the Focus delivers easy carving through turns and provides greater traction for enhanced edge control. The lightweight Paulownia wood core contributes to the board's overall performance, and its high strength and impact resistance ensure durability. The board also offers precise edge control for carving, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Furthermore, the TwinTip board's flex characteristic is determined by various features incorporated into its design. This includes standardized SS316 M6x16mm hardware, which allows for easy assembly and replacement of parts. The board also features lightweight and ergonomic TPE material for a superior grip when wet, as well as strong and abrasion-resistant composite fins with dogbone washers and standard M6x16mm screws.

For added comfort, the Focus comes with featherlite, low-cut boots that provide easy one-handed entry and exit, shock absorption, direct feel, and maximum comfort with its KnitFlex lining. These boots can be customized with colored Velcro straps. It's important to note that the Focus is compatible with both boots and bindings, but they are sold separately.

The North TwinTip boards for 2024 also incorporate the new FlipTech Mounting System with centerline inserts, enhancing convenience and rail longevity. Moreover, the Paulownia wood used in the boards' construction serves as a highly renewable hardwood species and significantly reduces carbon emissions in manufacturing.

Each board has a custom core thickness that is individually fine-tuned to ensure consistent characteristics throughout the range, regardless of size or weight. The core thickness variations and taper, as well as detailing longitudinally and laterally, play a significant role in controlling the board's overall flex and feel. Additionally, board-specific laminate layups allow for further fine-tuning of the flex and overall characteristics of the board.

One notable feature of the Focus is that if one side of the board wears out, riders can simply flip the bindings around, providing a fresh heelside rail. This versatility adds longevity to the board and enhances the riding experience.

In conclusion, the Focus is a high-performance board designed for freestyle riding that offers explosive pop, dynamic flex, and precise response. Its innovative features, such as the FlipTech Mounting System and hybrid carbon technology, make it a reliable and versatile choice for riders seeking an exceptional experience on the water.

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