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North Kiteboarding Trace 2024

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The Trace offers a solution for light wind conditions. With a progressive straight, square outline and a large surface area, it excels in early planning and upwind performance. The board features a Centre-V Spine and longitudinal quad channels, which provide balanced torsional stiffness, excellent traction, and enhanced control.

In terms of rockers, the Trace has a progressive medium-low rocker, ideal for flatwater and offering exceptional pop for lightwind tricks and transitions. Despite its size, the board remains surprisingly manoeuvrable. To maximize your ride time in light winds, it is recommended to pair the Trace with the Reach 13/15/17m kite.

The 2024 North TwinTips now come with the new FlipTech Mounting System, featuring centerline inserts that promote rail longevity. This system allows for easy flipping of the bindings to extend the board's lifespan.

Combining a longer waterline length, a straighter square outline, comprehensive tips, and a medium rocker ensures early planning and superior upwind performance in light wind conditions. The longitudinal quad concave channels and V-spine provide additional stiffness, reducing drag and resistance.

The progressive medium-low rocker makes the Trace ideal for flatwater, with exceptional pop for lightwind tricks and transitions. Despite its size, the board remains manoeuvrable and easy to turn. Its playful nature and high-performance attributes make it a board that riders can grow with.

Various design features, including core thickness variations, taper, and detailing, determine the TwinTip boards' flex. Unidirectional carbon tape is strategically placed to reinforce the E-glass laminate to achieve a well-balanced flex. The unique layup of the board involves a Paulownia wood core and e-glass patches in high-load areas.

Paulownia is a highly renewable hardwood species with excellent strength-to-weight ratios. The TwinTip boards and accessories utilize standardized SS316 M6x16mm hardware, making assembly and replacement of parts easy with the same PH3 screwdriver.

The board features lightweight and ergonomic TPE material for excellent grip when wet. It comes with strong, abrasion-resistant composite fins and dogbone washers. Additionally, the FlipTech Mounting System allows for easy rail flipping and replacement.

The larger surface area of the board contributes to greater resistance against the kite, resulting in improved forward momentum. The channels and V-spine also enhance upwind traction and high-speed control.

The Reach kite complements the Trace board with its fuller profile, generating power and efficiency. The lighter-weight 3-strut construction enables quick and responsive steering even in light winds. The Reach is designed to provide a predictable and consistent drive forward for TwinTip riding.

Each board has specific laminate layups, allowing for further fine-tuning of flex and characteristics. The stiffness is adjusted lengthwise and torsionally to align with the rocker line, plan shape view, and profile, ensuring consistent performance across the range.

Paulownia wood contributes to the lightweight nature of the board while providing high shear force and impact resistance. Moreover, it significantly reduces foam or resin usage, reducing carbon emissions. Each board's core thickness is individually fine-tuned to maintain consistent characteristics regardless of size or weight.

To complete your setup, it is recommended to pair the Trace board with the Flex or Flex Pro bindings. These bindings offer soft cushioning and the right amount of grip underfoot. The new anatomically-shaped heel cup provides support and stability upon landing, promoting correct orthopaedic positioning and preventing slipping. Sold separately in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

In summary, the Trace board offers exceptional performance in light wind conditions. Its progressive design and various features contribute to early planning, upwind performance, and manoeuvrability. The new FlipTech Mounting System enhances rail longevity, while the Reach kite complements the board's characteristics. With its sustainable and customized construction, the Trace board ensures a comfortable and reliable riding experience.

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