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North Kiteboarding Prime 2024

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The Prime is an instantly familiar, intuitive, and comfortable board that helps riders progress faster in their Freeride game. It is a sweet performer in all wind and water conditions, smoothly tracking upwind and effortlessly slicing through chop without splashing. With forgiving landings thanks to its softer flex, riders can jump and boost in full control. The Prime allows riders to connect with nature and themselves, providing an enjoyable and harmonious riding experience. All North TwinTips, including the Prime, now come equipped with the new FlipTech Mounting System, featuring centerline inserts for increased rail longevity.

The Prime features a progressive single concave with pulled-in flexible tips. These flexible tips, combined with the flatter mid-section of the board, enable faster early planing and smooth navigation through choppy waters. The rounded outline of the Prime makes it easy to edge and stay in control, facilitating faster progress and skill development. The forgiving flex of the board ensures softer and more comfortable landings, boosting confidence for jumps and tricks. The performance rails of the Prime are not only long-lasting but also have user-friendly smoothed edges to protect riders from unwanted scrapes and bruises.

The construction of the Prime incorporates a Paulownia wood core with engineered E-glass laminate layups on the top and bottom. This combination enhances the riding performance of the board, taking it to the next level. The Paulownia wood core is not only lightweight but also boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal material for the construction of high-performance boards. The standardized SS316 M6x16mm hardware used across all TwinTip boards and accessories makes assembly and replacement of parts incredibly easy, requiring a single PH3 screwdriver.

The Prime is equipped with lightweight and ergonomic TPE footpads that provide excellent grip even when wet. The board also comes with strong and abrasion-resistant composite fins, complete with dogbone washers and M6x16mm screws. The size of the fins varies depending on the board size, with 40mm fins for sizes 144 and under, and 50mm fins for sizes 148 and above. For added comfort and support, KnitFlex inners and GripFlex footbeds with custom size and stance adjustments are available separately in sizes S/M or M/L.

For the year 2024, all North TwinTip boards, including the Prime, are equipped with the new FlipTech Mounting System, featuring centerline inserts. This system allows riders to easily flip their bindings, extending the life of the board by providing a fresh heelside rail when one side wears out.

In conclusion, the Prime is a versatile and high-performance board designed to enhance the Freeriding experience. It offers intuitive and comfortable handling, enabling riders to progress quickly. With its innovative features like the FlipTech Mounting System and Paulownia wood core, the Prime provides exceptional durability and performance. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, the Prime promises to elevate your Freeride game and deliver an enjoyable and memorable riding experience.

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