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North Kiteboarding Flare 2024

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The Flare is a kiteboarding board designed specifically for advanced riders who want to shred the park and conquer wakestyle tricks with ease. With its high wakestyle rocker, this board is built to soften your impact on landings and prevent any rail catches. The PressFlex tips provide a smooth and controlled feel for presses, while the durable low-friction P-tex base ensures you won't get stuck on kickers or obstacles. This board is known for its durability and is the preferred choice of freestyle rider Tom Bridge.

All North TwinTips, including the Flare, now feature the new FlipTech Mounting System. This system allows for versatile boot mounting options, with strap inserts positioned down the centerline to ensure rail longevity. The P-tex base facilitates seamless transitions and allows you to rotate, slide, and spin effortlessly on any surface.

The high rocker line of the Flare offers a gentle landing experience without catching a rail. Its rounded surface breaks the tension of the water, making hard and flat landings more forgiving. Controlled tip flex provides smooth presses and softer landings, and the quad channels enhance tracking and upwind performance, even without fins.

The Flare's design is optimized for carving up cable parks and performing well on flat water. Its wider middle and forgiving rocker assist in handling choppy conditions when riding overpowered. This board generates maximum pop, making it perfect for low-level technical freestyle and wakestyle tricks.

The Flare's performance is attributed to the combination of a Paulownia wood core and engineered E-glass laminate layups. These materials and construction techniques contribute to the board's lightweight nature, high strength-to-weight ratio, shear force, and impact resistance.

Standardized hardware and accessories, such as the SS316 M6x16mm screws, ensure easy assembly and part replacement, using a single PH3 screwdriver. The composite fins on the Flare are strong and abrasion-resistant, with dogbone washers and M6 screws.

For those looking for boots, the Featherlite low-cut boots offer one-handed entry and exit, shock absorption, direct feel, and maximum comfort with their KnitFlex lining. These boots can be customized with colored velcro straps (Fix Boots sold separately).

Mounting your boots in the opposite direction can double the lifespan of the durable ABS rails. The new Centerline inserts provide true TwinTip rail longevity.

Each TwinTip board's flex characteristics are carefully crafted by considering various features such as core thickness, taper, detailing, and longitudinal and lateral aspects. These factors, in conjunction with the rocker line, plan shape view, and profile, contribute to the overall flex and feel of the board.

Paulownia wood, the primary core material, offers a non-toxic and renewable option that reduces the need for foam and resin in manufacturing, consequently lowering carbon emissions. The thickness of the core is customized individually for each board in order to ensure consistent characteristics and performance throughout the range, regardless of the rider's size or weight.

In summary, the Flare kiteboarding board is built for advanced riders seeking maximum pop, smooth presses, and a durable construction that can withstand rigorous use. With features like the FlipTech Mounting System, forgiving rocker line, and controlled tip flex, this board offers exceptional performance in the park and wakestyle riding. The use of Paulownia wood as the core material not only contributes to the board's strength but also promotes eco-friendliness. Whether you're hitting the park or conquering flat waters, the Flare is designed to be your go-to board for reliable and long-lasting performance.

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