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North Kiteboarding Carve 2024

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The Carve kite is a versatile and efficient option for those who love carving up waves, getting barrelled, and performing strapless tricks. It features a stable, lower aspect ratio design that allows for fast pivot turns and excellent drift. The kite has a direct feel with both bar pressure and steering initiation, making it intuitive to control even when it's not visible during maneuvers. The Carve offers a longer and more progressive travel, resulting in a smooth and responsive experience throughout the full depower range.

In 2024, the Carve has been improved to be lighter, faster turning, and more agile. The entire kite has been redesigned for better drift and responsive fingertip-light steering. The lower aspect ratio, new panel layout, refined leading edge, and profile contribute to enhanced steering, lighter bar pressure, stable efficient drifting, and reduced pull on the wave face. The wingtips are lighter and have a smoother curve and shape draft back, improving balance and making the kite more manageable.

The Carve is now smoother, more stable, and easier to handle in gusty conditions. It flies fast upwind and offers impressive power and efficiency for experienced riders. Intermediate riders will find it user-friendly and smoother to ride. Freeride and Strapless Freestylers will appreciate the light reactive steering, longer bar stroke, improved hangtime, and catch for rotations and softer landings.

The Carve features N-HTRS High Performance high tenacity ripstop canopy for durability and strength. Its longer travel allows for improved drift and smoother response. The kite resists nose diving and maintains drift while sheeted in or out, offering a great performance on down-the-line or onshore waves. Unnecessary weight has been removed to enhance drift without compromising structural integrity. The low aspect ratio design creates more apparent wind, resulting in excellent stability and wind control.

The Carve has light weight bladders and a new segmented curve arc with direct pivot steering. All North bridle lines are pre-loaded and measured for improved accuracy. Profile transition panels maintain shape consistency close to the leading edge, while lightweight reinforcement protects against chafing and abrasion. The Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors ensures durability and precise handling.

It has an ergonomic high volume single point inflation system for rapid inflation and deflation. The canopy is made of high tenacity polyester yarn for lightness, tear strength, zero porosity, and longevity. The inflated structures and wingtips are constructed from the highest quality Dacron for uncompromised strength.

The Carve offers a smooth and direct feel, with adjustable bar pressure and steering impulse on the wingtip. The reinforcement material at the trailing edge has been updated for improved responsiveness. The kite's static balance and light wind performance have been optimized, while linear power delivery and low-end performance have been enhanced. The Carve is rock solid when needed and provides the control and manageability required for jumps and tricks. It offers great hangtime and catch for strapless freestyle maneuvers.

Overall, the Carve kite is designed for high performance and versatility in a variety of conditions. Its responsiveness, stability, and maneuverability make it a reliable choice for any surfer. Enjoy the rhythm of the ocean with the 2024 Surf collection.


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