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North Kiteboarding Reach 2024

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Lively and playful, the 3-strut allrounder known as the Reach boasts unparalleled versatility and a wide wind range. They have made some improvements for the 2024 edition. The overall weight has been reduced, the canopy tension is now better for faster flying, and the arc design has been revised for a crisper and snappier response. The Reach is still nimble and easy to ride, but now features a cleaner profile entry and smoother aerodynamic shape, which enhances its stability in kite loops.

This kite excels in lightwind, foil, and surf conditions without compromising its durability. Its fast and responsive steering, combined with efficient power delivery, allows for confident boosts, loops, and freestyle maneuvers. The short and responsive bridle enables quick and exponential depower. In the larger sizes, the Reach is a powerful lightwind kite designed for TwinTip riding, ensuring a consistent drive forward even in lower wind conditions.

The Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors provides incredible stability, especially for foil and lightwind riding. The Reach features the N-HTRS High Performance high tenacity ripstop canopy, which ensures superb loft and hangtime. Its medium-high aspect ratio design with wider wing-tip and well-balanced bridle allows for a smooth and consistent catch during loops. The Reach also performs exceptionally well in low-end conditions, thanks to its predictable and consistent power delivery. The moderate leading-edge diameter provides additional buoyancy, allowing the kite to quickly release from the water even in the lightest of winds.

The Reach offers tactile handling with light bar pressure and a fast response, enabling tight turning radius. The advanced tuning of the short responsive bridle allows for quick and exponential depower, expanding the range of conditions in which the kite can be ridden. The medium-high aspect ratio, combined with a powerful profile, gives the Reach explosive pop, making it ideal for freestyle maneuvers. The precise draft-forward profile ensures a smooth and efficient profile entry as well as excellent upwind drive.

The Reach is manufactured using North High Tenacity Ripstop (N-HTRS) polyester yarn canopy material, which guarantees lightness, high tear strength, zero porosity, and longevity. It also features lightweight reinforcement to protect against chafing and abrasion along the struts and leading edge. The HyperFlow rapid inflation system cap and valve geometry, along with the ergonomic high volume single point inflation system, ensure fast and convenient inflation and deflation.

The Reach incorporates a new segmented curve arc, which improves canopy tension and provides a cleaner profile shape. The reduction in panel segments and seams creates a more aerodynamic and efficient airflow, resulting in less turbulence. The two-ply canopy material along the trailing edge enhances steering and overall performance, without compromising strength or durability. The bar pressure and steering impulse can be adjusted on the wingtip to suit personal preferences.

The combination of lighter weight materials and design elements results in a surprisingly light bar pressure, fast turning speed, and balanced fore and aft performance. It is recommended to select the lightwind kite size based on rider weight rather than wind range, with the 13m suggested for lighter riders and the 17m for heavier riders. The closing seam thread has been replaced with a lightweight thread that offers higher breaking strength and better shock-absorbing qualities. All pulleys have been removed from the bridle for improved safety, precise handling, and lower drag. Thin foam padding is inserted underneath to protect the kite and its stitching from rough surfaces.

The Reach has received high praise from riders, with many describing it as the best kite they have ever ridden. The 2024 edition of the Reach is lighter, more responsive, and offers improved flying characteristics. It is part of the 2024 Freeride Collection, which is designed to deliver consistent and dependable performance in all conditions, providing both power and comfort for riders looking to take their skills to the next level.


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