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North Kiteboarding Orbit 2024

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Committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions requires a unwavering trust in your kite. The iconic premier 5-strut kite delivers exceptional top-end control, allowing riders to handle more power per square meter than any other kite. The Orbit is known for its big jumps, hang time, and wide wind range. It quickly rockets riders upwind with effortless steering, extreme boosting, and guaranteed breath-taking hangtime.

For 2024, the shape of the leading edge (LE) has been smoothed out, introducing a continuous curved arc that is slightly narrower in the shoulders and wider in the wingtips. The wingtips have a more bi-elliptical shape for reduced drag and faster turning speed, while a slightly deeper profile in the center creates more lift. These changes to the wingtip inspired a fully reworked bridle and attachment point positioning, making the Orbit the most stable version yet.

The kite is more reliable and forgiving in overpowered and gusty conditions, while still maintaining its ability to fly forward and catch riders in kite loops. It is intuitive and suitable for riders of all abilities, ensuring they can experience the best of both worlds without worrying about the kite's position in the sky.

In the smaller sizes, the aspect ratio has been slightly lowered, and the profiles have been refined for improved hangtime and a faster, tighter turning radius. The bigger sizes have updated profiles for a more lively and reactive feel, with increased low-end performance for heavier riders. The overall weight of the kite has also been reduced with lighter bladders in every size, resulting in faster and more efficient flight with less wind needed to lift the kite.

The Orbit is tested by nature and proven on the podium, providing incredible top-end control and stability in all conditions. It has the widest wind range of all kites from the brand, thanks to its five-strut design and fixed, no-pulley bridle. The kite's bridle lines are spliced with high-quality material for improved accuracy, consistency, and longevity. The kite's durable construction includes high tenacity ripstop canopy material, highest-quality Dacron inflated structures, and lightweight reinforcement for protection against chafing and abrasion.

The ergonomic high volume single-point inflation system ensures rapid inflation and deflation, even in colder conditions. The kite bag is made from durable recycled polyester ripstop fabric, meeting Global Recycling Standards.

In summary, the 2024 Orbit kite combines stability, top-end control, and responsiveness in a wide wind range. It features a smoothed LE shape, improved wingtip design, and a reworked bridle for enhanced stability. The kite is suitable for riders of all abilities and offers precise steering, depower options, and a durable construction. It is the perfect choice for height, hangtime, and loops in challenging conditions.


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