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The high-performance freestyle kite, known as the Pulse, offers an explosive pop, powerful fast turns, and responsive steering that will surely get your heart pumping. It is particularly exhilarating in unhooked Freestyle, making even the most technical tricks instinctive to land. The Pulse's design, with an upright and low sweep shape, ensures that steering impulses run deep into the center of the kite, resulting in continuous turns across the entire canopy and consistent power delivery throughout the loop. This kite's leaner profile entry and slightly higher aspect ratio contribute to its efficiency and smooth handling, especially in extreme overpowered conditions.

In terms of performance, the 2024 Pulse offers increased lift and drive through the kite loop, improved recovery, enhanced slack line, and better pop. The amount of Dacron reinforcement material has been reduced, and lighter-weight bladders have been introduced in all sizes, resulting in a lighter and faster-flying kite. With its impressive freeride capabilities, the Pulse is the ultimate choice for performance freestyle, offering super-high boosts and kite-loops.

The Pulse features a N-HTRS High Performance high tenacity ripstop canopy, ensuring strength and longevity. Its fast and responsive steering is supported by the FlexPulse structure. The low sweep arc shape of the kite provides a more powered turn throughout the entire wing, while the hybrid design blends the best of both worlds, making it an excellent performer for unhooked tricks. The combination of a higher aspect ratio, smaller diameter leading edge, and aerodynamic profile enables the Pulse to fly forward quickly after an explosive pop or when checking a rail edge.

The kite's durability is further enhanced by the highest-quality Dacron inflated structures, which offer the best strength-to-weight ratio. The Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors ensures accurate and durable connections between the struts and the leading edge, while preventing control line entanglements. The wing tip allows for easy adjustment of bar pressure and steering impulse to suit personal preferences.

The Pulse's FlexPulse structure ensures constant power throughout the loop, resulting in quick turnarounds and smooth landings. By combining the attributes of a C-kite and a wider arc kite, the Pulse is not only efficient but also provides many desirable characteristics. Its efficiency and manageability are particularly notable in extreme overpowered conditions. The lighter weight of the kite contributes to its overall performance in terms of flight efficiency, lift, and responsiveness.

In terms of construction, the Pulse utilizes the North High Tenacity Ripstop (N-HTRS) polyester yarn canopy material for its lightness, durability, tear strength, zero porosity, and longevity. The kite incorporates a lightweight thread with improved breaking strength and shock-absorbing qualities. Thin foam padding protects the stitching along the struts and leading edge seams, while the updated cap and valve base geometry ensure comfortable opening and closing even in cold conditions.

The Pulse's overall design focuses on optimizing performance, weight reduction, durability, and precise handling. The removal of non-essential Dacron panel reinforcements contributes to weight savings while maintaining stiffness and reducing flutter in the trailing edge. The elimination of pulleys from the bridle improves safety, direct handling, and accuracy.

In summary, the Pulse is a hybrid freestyle kite that offers explosive pop, powerful fast turns, and responsive steering. Its design features an upright and low sweep shape for consistent power delivery and continuous turns. With increased performance and lift, improved recovery, better slack line, and enhanced pop, the 2024 Pulse is the ultimate choice for freestyle enthusiasts. The kite's construction utilizes high-quality materials, resulting in durability, efficiency, and precise handling. Whether you are a master or a maverick, the Pulse, combined with your dedication, sweat, and tears, will elevate you to greatness.


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