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North Kiteboarding Code Zero 2024

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Derived from their North sailing heritage, the Code Zero is a sail designed for optimal performance in light and unpredictable conditions. They have carefully engineered this kite to excel in very light winds. The Code Zero is a single-strut kite that is lightweight, fast, and responsive, making it effortless to control with just one hand. It delivers efficient power in light wind conditions and has exceptional flying and turning capabilities, making it perfect for foiling and small surf. The kite's construction has been stripped back to the essentials to achieve a lightweight design. The leading edge and strut are made from lighter N-Dure Dacron for stiffness and durability, while a double-canopy layer reinforces the trailing edge. The kite also features DuraLite wingtip chafe protectors for targeted abrasion resistance and small battens on certain sizes for canopy stabilization. With intuitive relaunch and reverse launch, the Code Zero is not only suitable for experienced riders but also great for beginners learning to kite or foil in light winds. The kite remains stable and evenly tensioned, with balanced geometry that prevents luffing, over-flying, and front stall. The 2024 version of the Code Zero includes an updated bridle for a more rigid feel, lighter bar pressure, improved steering response, and added stability. Three new sizes have also been introduced to the range: 6m, 8m, and 10m. With its wide wind range and impressive power delivery, the Code Zero is highly efficient for a single-strut kite, allowing riders to enjoy lighter wind conditions with a smaller kite.

In terms of construction, the Code Zero features N-HTRS High Performance high tenacity ripstop canopy, providing excellent drift, manoeuvrability, and responsive steering. The redesigned bridle ensures a more rigid feel, lighter bar pressure, and increased direct response and stability. The wingtip angle of attack has been optimized, and the tension in the trailing edge has been improved for smoother aerodynamics and reduced flutter. The addition of three new sizes further enhances the versatility of the kite.

The lightweight and minimalist design of the Code Zero allows for effortless flying and dynamic steering. The kite is made with high tenacity polyester yarn ripstop canopy for lightness, tear strength, zero porosity, and longevity. It features an ergonomic high volume single point inflation system with a large-diameter hose for quick inflation and deflation. The kite can be conveniently packed into a high-quality Recycled PET kite bag with Foil Assist. With excellent drift and stability, the Code Zero is ideal for high-speed foiling, where the kite needs to keep up with the rider in downwind conditions.

The balanced geometry of the kite ensures minimal flutter and maintains upwind capability. It is easy to fly, stable, and evenly tensioned, allowing for one-handed control and comfortable stance changes. The use of lightweight materials and careful construction techniques contribute to the Code Zero's playful, agile feel and fun, dynamic steering. The kite's design prioritizes performance without compromising durability or strength. The lighter weight of the kite allows for faster response and turning speeds.

Overall, the Code Zero is a highly efficient and versatile kite designed for performance in light wind conditions. It offers exceptional control, responsiveness, and power delivery, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. With its range of sizes and lightweight construction, the Code Zero is a reliable choice for maximizing kiteboarding experiences in various wind conditions.


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