North Kiteboarding Focus Carbon 139 x 42cm 2020 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Focus Carbon 139 x 42cm 2020

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At A Glance

The Focus twin tip comes in both wooden and carbon variants. We had the carbon on test for this issue which promises the perfect balance of stiffness and flex for an unrivalled freestyle performance board.

The boards core is made from high grade paulownia wood which is fine tuned per size to ensure performance is maintained. This is then enveloped in a refined carbon laminate layer for exceptional response and flex when loaded at all angles. There is a progressive rocker line through the Focus Carbon for increased pop capabilities, and super smooth landings.

A quad concave bottom shape works wonders in the chop, and the wide tips of the board are softer to allow for clean landings.

High end components complete the package with boot compatible inserts as standard.

On The Water

The Focus Carbon is a lighter weight twin tip board designed not exclusively for use with boots, but certainly for a more powerful freestyle rider. The wide tips and long rail line ensure an early plane with good upwind drive. A beginner would, of course, be able to ride a board like this, however it is the pushing freestyler for whom this board has been designed.

The softer tips and carbon layup of the Focus Carbon meant even in the choppier waters freestyle was possible with minimal bounce on landing. Get this board in to some flat water and ride with speed and the pop produced is quite phenomenal. The long rail line can be held longer than expected and often ridden at a slower speed than you would think too to create a reasonable pop. A low swing weight and soft controllable landings are on offer time and time again, the pronounced rocker line and stiff mid section reduce any rebound and keep you stable and upright even on those slightly wobblier moments.

We used the Focus with the North Fix boot. Tight to begin with, they very quickly moulded to our feet and were a very lightweight and direct feeling boot, perfect for kiting and wakeboarding alike. Simple velcro fasteners makes entry and exit swift, and the size range on offer allows those with all sized feet to get a set to suit them. A great partner to the Focus Carbon.


The Focus is a dedicated freestylers board, and this carbon version allows that performance to be carried through more water states with less rebound in chop and a lighter more playful feel at all times thanks to its carbon lay up.

The board excels with a powerful rider able to push hard and ensure the full rail is loaded for maximum performance, however those smaller and less powerful riders will absolutely also be able to gain a great deal from using this board.


This review was in Issue 82 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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