Liquid Force Kites Absolute 136 x 41.7cm 2020 Kitesurfing Review

Liquid Force Kites Absolute 136 x 41.7cm 2020

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At A Glance

A new player in the game, the Absolute, is the combination of Liquid Force’s years on the scene and the idea of a limitless design. Without having any cost or material constraints, the designers were let loose, and the end product is an impressive high-end carbon affair.

The Absolute has a lightweight CNC milled divinycell-wooden core, a double concave V-hull base, tapered tips and outer layers of Textreme carbon to and bottom sheets for the carbon finish. Liquid Force have been conscious of weight with the Absolute, and the 136 we had on test comes in at a very slender 2.35kg (excluding accessories).

The carbon in this board not only looks fantastic, but it also helps to keep weight down and gives the Absolute its smooth feel through chop and quick reflex through tricks. Liquid rails complete the package for a super smooth feel.

Designed to be used exclusively with straps, there is even the option of colour compatible Pro Pads to ensure you are the envy of all your mates.

Sizes: 136x41.5cm, 140x42.5cm

On The Water

The Absolute is a seriously smart piece of kit for those kiters who like something a little special. We had the smaller sized 136 on test, which for straps only is perfect as a one board size for the smaller - average-sized rider. Slightly wider than some at 41.5cm, it gets planning quickly and flies upwind.

We found the Absolute to be incredibly smooth to ride. The carbon no doubt absorbs some of the smaller bits of chop, and the narrow tips allow the board to cut through anything bigger. Slashing any bigger bits of chop or waves is great fun; the board holds very well through a hard turn with heaps of spray kicked up, and rail to rail transfers are smooth and easy thanks to the narrow and single concave, flat tips.

The Absolute is a great board for some classic freeride performance, think old-school with this one as it grips in all stance options and launches you with some surprising pop off the water into a multitude of spins and flips. The lighter weight of the board comes into its own here for some board-off manoeuvres. The grab handle we found a little low for board-offs so some more stylish tip or rail variations will have to be your go-to if that’s the bag of tricks you’re aiming for.

With such a beautiful shiny carbon finish, do be careful of where you put your board down as sharp rocks, and sand will scratch the surface quite easily; certainly, no riding up the beach on this one!


Striking in both looks and feel, the Absolute is one of those boards for someone who likes to stand out from the crowd. Liquid Force have blended their knowledge from years on the wake and kite scenes to create an extraordinary freeride board for those who ride exclusively in straps. Super smooth, this is an all-out freeride board which will perform in a range of conditions for a huge variety of riders.


This review was in Issue 81 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Sukie Robertson

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