CrazyFly Raptor Extreme 138 x 42cm 2020 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Raptor Extreme 138 x 42cm 2020

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At A Glance

Crazyfly have brought some seriously good boards to the kiting world over the years. One of their extremely popular boards has been the Raptor. This freeride / freestyle board has been gracing the market for 13 years now. The carbon brother the Raptor LTD is another big hit being the slightly stiffer, lighter weight version.

For the 2020 season Crazyfly have introduced the Raptor Extreme, targeting the High performance freeride and Big air market this board has a slightly different design to the other Raptor models. The Raptor Extreme has a different base design to the other Raptors featuring a Center Vee, Edge Control Track and single V tips. This stiff version of the Raptor comes with a new quadriaxial carbon which gives the board less flex across the width of the board but provides tons of pop and flex across the length of the board.

The 2020 Raptor Extreme is compatible with both full wake bindings and straps. The Raptor Extreme comes with a screw set, handle and Carbon 5.0 fins. For this board there is a matching Hexa Binding Extreme strap and pad set option that matches the stylish black and red colourway of the Raptor Extreme.

Sizes: 132 x 41, 135 x 41, 138 x 42, 142 x 43cm.

“aggressive grip, tons of pop”

On the Water

The Raptor Extremes, pad set is easy to adjust. For myself, I found I couldn’t get them to sit with a high enough arch for my preferred fit (I do like a higher and slimmer fit that usually comes with a single strap system, over the double strap systems) however the CrazyFly Binary is a great option if you prefer this style of strap set. They also look pretty darn stylish matching the rest of the board.

It’s not very often I take to the water, jump onto a board and feel instantly at home. However, on the Crazyfly Raptor Extreme, this time I felt just that. This board really boasts performance and yet remains very smooth. Riding in super choppy conditions the Raptor Extreme performed really well soaking up the slams and punching through the imperfections. The board is super-fast to ride. Heading into some flatter waters with the Raptor Extreme really allowed me to check out its potential. It’s rapid, edge control and grip are aplenty, smooth and lightweight underfoot.

The grip combined with the rigid nature of this big air board combine to give serious amounts of pop on take-off, whether your taking off for some old school or dabbling at some freestyle in between. The Extreme’s lightweight construction makes it a sweet choice for board offs. The Step Cap on the edge makes it easy to get a good grip on the center of the boards edge too!


Another insanely good twin tip here from Crazyfly, the Raptor Extreme is most certainly a board that we will see a lot of. This board is incredible to ride. Smooth in all water conditions, aggressive grip, tons of pop and light as a feather. The size options are very good, the 138 x 42 suited myself really well as a 80kg rider who usually uses a 140cm. The 142cm would be a great option for those slightly taller / heavier riders or those wanting to use the board with boots. This lightweight solid construction, high performance shape combined with a stiff, stylish carbon / red finish make it a top choice for those wanting a big air / high performance freeride board.

This review was in Issue 77 of IKSURFMAG.

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