CrazyFly Elite 136 x 41cm 2022 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Elite 136 x 41cm 2022

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At A Glance

The Elite is CrazyFly's premium carbon board. It's lighter than a feather and features a blend of numerous advanced technologies to help offer unparalleled performance for the rider.

Made in Europe, the board comes with a premium content package. The pads and straps are already mounted, multiple fin options are available, and stickers, a t-shirt and the accessories are thrown into the mix, all whilst being presented in a premium padded board bag. You can tell CrazyFly is excited about this product.

The Elite features two layers of carbon on the top and two layers of carbon on the bottom of the board. CompFlex 4T5 Carbon is one layer with 45-degree angled fibres giving optimal torsion flex. Stiff in the heel-to-toe direction yet softer along the length of the board. The CompFlex 4T5 is topped with a brand new HMX-CF2 Carbon which gives the board its strength.

A CNC-shaped wood core sits between the carbon layers, and the designers of this product really focused on making the most flexible carbon board on the market. Pieces of the wood core have been removed to optimise the flex pattern and reduce the weight. With the design came the mind-blowing feather-light engineering. The Elite is the lightest kiteboard in the world. The 136 we tested weighs 1760 grams, 180 grams lighter than its predecessor. With the most advanced carbon technology and precise wood core, the CrazyFly designers have put their stamp on what it means to have a light board.

Resin has been bonded with the carbon to keep that raw and natural carbon look. This stealthy black board sure does shout out CARBON!

Sizes: 132x41, 136x41, 140x42.

On The Water

The Elite cuts through the chop like butter, and with it being so incredibly light, it felt really manoeuvrable. The channels and concaves featured on the base of the board give great grip and distribute the water well, keeping you locked and loaded on every run.

This performance freeride board ticks every box you want for freeriding. The lightness really is a standout, and with the wood core and carbon layered construction, every ride feels smooth and easy on the body. What surprised me was how much flex I also got with this having carbon segmented in it. It never felt super stiff and gave me a playful feel in the flat water and in the waves.

It's also great for jumping! Having channels that run across the whole board from tip to tip helps keep immense grip. For those more advanced riders who enjoy taking the board off the feet, it's made very simple with the board being so light! Paired with the Hexa Bindings, it really does become a match made in heaven. These bindings are comfortable, simple to use and have numerous settings to give you the best connection to the board.


The 2022 CrazyFly Elite is the lightest board in the world! If you want a brilliant blend of lightness and performance, this is the go-to choice! Being served in its premium package, you'll feel like a kid at Christmas! Plenty of grip, a nice soft feel, and great overall performance make this weapon a brilliant choice for anyone looking for a high-performance twin tip. If you want to splash out and treat yourself to a carbon twin tip, I would definitely recommend giving this Elite a demo!


This review was in Issue 95 of IKSURFMAG.

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