CrazyFly Raptor 137 x 41 cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Raptor 137 x 41 cm 2019

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At A Glance

Though the Raptor is an old favourite in the CrazyFly line up, for 2019 it has had its biggest revamp yet. At its core, the Raptor is an all round freeride board with freestyle aspirations. It is suited to those who are looking for a board to do a little bit of everything with whilst still allowing them to bolt their boots on and throw some passes. The best of both worlds, it has been fine-tuned to deliver only the highest performance.

The boards construction and shape has been quite radically updated. Firstly, we see a new bottom shape, with added contours for even better upwind drive and all round grip. New Triaxial 45degrees Eglass layup keeps the board stiff from heel to toe which results in a more explosive pop and all-round riding comfort. CrazyFly’s latest technology is the addition of the Nano Glide skin, which is a layer on the base of the board with micro channels for better upwind ability and fast speed acceleration.

We used the Raptor with the Hexa Bindings which were soft, comfortable and locked our feet in well in all conditions.
Sizes: 132x41, 135x41, 135x43, 137x41, 137x43, 140x42cm

“We couldn’t be anything but impressed with this upgrade of an all-time favourite”

On The Water

Often products even after a change feel very similar, so we were immediately impressed with the Raptor. Not only did it feel intrinsically like the former Raptor we have grown to love, but has been so well improved upon.

Initial rides experience the same ease of use and easy planning, however the speed at which you ride has been increased, as has the tracking and upwind ability. Due to its more freestyle shape, it has in the past been a slightly slower board, however is now able to not only hold the speed, but accelerate well both into and out of moves as well as on the flat. Upwind is noticeably more efficient, and this is an area that has been clearly worked on with both the new shape in the base of the board and thinner, stepped down rails.

Flat water is a dream with the Raptor, smooth and comfortable with a great pop on take offs, and the added stiffness through the width of the board makes landings soft and absorbent. Choppier waters did throw up a little spray, but more onto your leg than face, and certainly not as much as previous models.

For unhooked manoeuvres the Raptor is great fun. It is not an all-out wakestyle board like the Bulldozer, but can hold its own when mixing up your style with some old-school boosts and new-school passes.


The 2019 Raptor though upgraded still maintains the accessible freeride performance found in previous models. New technology and a new shape result in a faster speed, easier upwind riding, more accessible performance and less spray. We couldn’t be anything but impressed with this upgrade of an all-time favourite.


This review was in Issue 72 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit CrazyFly


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