Airush Livewire 140 x 42cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Airush Livewire 140 x 42cm 2019

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At A Glance

Airush have been at the forefront of freestyle and wakestyle riding for years with many great riders on their team, freestyle rider Alex Pastor is often seen throwing down on the Livewire Team board, this is a lighter version of the Livewire purely dedicated to competition freestyle.

This issue we are taking a look at the Livewire V6. This is Airushs out and out freestyle/wakestyle and park machine. Featuring a HD Grindlite Base this board is built to withstand some serious riding in the park as well as freestyle. The Livewire now features a deep channel and concave combo bottom which has a different tip shape compared with its predecessor. The Carbon Nano Rod Technology featured in this board adds 3mm carbon rods to the deck strengthening and increasing the response and feedback from the board.

The Livewire is best suited for use with bindings and even comes with a 2year warranty that covers the use of boots, epic! The Livewire comes with a small fin set.

Sizes: 138 x 41, 140 x 42, 142 x 43cm.

“a refreshing take on a park and wakestyle board”

On the Water

There’s no hidden identity with this board, it is most definitely a freestyle/wakestyle/park board. Despite seeming quite thick at a first glance the board is surprisingly light for a board of this caliber / spec. Being the more robust model in the Livewire series this Grind base does add some extra weight.

Hitting the water on the Livewire it instantly springs to life, its fast, incredibly smooth underfoot and actually soaks up chop and even leaves you with functional knees for your next session. Usually these more durable and park specific boards become too solid for their own good and become uncomfortable to ride in choppy waters, however the Livewire excels here.

The grip this board has to offer is superior, tons of it. Loading up the board is very progressive and holds into the final stages of takeoff. The pop is explosive and while the board is heavier than the Team model the weight in the air isn’t off putting. Landings, here I was super impressed, the Livewire absorbs landings so well making the board a pleasure to ride even in less than perfect water conditions.

Sadly, we didn’t get to hit the park with the Livewire but the board boasts a solid and robust feel which looks like it’s ready to take some hits in the park.


The 2019 Livewire is a refreshing take on a park and wakestyle board, providing tons of performance whist not compromising on riding comfort. I found the board to be very responsive underfoot, it grips incredibly well and the pop will fire you into your next move. The Livewire is best suited to those wanting to ramp up their park riding and style out some wakestyle / freestyle moves. For those looking for a lighter more freestyle based board check out the Airush Livewire Team.

This review was in Issue 77 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Airush


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