Flysurfer Rush V2 137 x 41.5cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer Rush V2 137 x 41.5cm 2019

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At A Glance

Much anticipated, the Rush completes Flysurfer’s new look with the updated freestyle model. A board designed for kiters wishing to progress in the latest powered freestyle and freeride moves, it is compatible with both boots and straps and is packed full of the latest features in board design.

At its core; sustainably-grown Paulownia wood, layers of unidirectional fibres, and finished with a scratchproof top sheet to maintain graphics even in the harshest of UV rays. The board has a constant curve rocker which encourages higher performance and stability while still maintaining contact at all times.

The base of the board features a double concave for maximum grip and control, and there are stepped channel tips in play to provide better pop and better stability: two pretty essential ingredients for a freestyle board!

Sizes: 137 x 41.5, 140 x 43cm

On The Water

We first used the Rush V2 in classic ‘bump and jump’ conditions where take-offs were tricky to find and landings even more so. The Rush, however, posed no problems with its precise handling and grippy tips. The stepped channelling comes in to play here by ensuring maximum contact with the water.

The board holds speed well, and digging in the rail for more powered riding allows you to access the superb hold onto the water's surface. Go for some mega speeds, and you will be impressed with just how stable this board is.

The Rush is fun in the waves with good easy transfers, though if this is where you predominantly ride, the Radical could be more suited for your style.

There was no problem with loading up for big boosts, the Rush provides feedback throughout, and there is no loss of control even for the big sends. Versatile in the air, we had a whole heap of fun throwing this board around before heading in for the more serious business of unhooked manoeuvres.

Freestyle is where this board is aligned to with its square outline. We had some great fun attacking new school tricks with control and performance on tap. Landings were smooth, and even when things were slightly off-balance, the Rush was able to absorb the worst of it and keep stability key. Even in less than ideal choppy conditions, we were able to perform tricks with no worry of missed take-offs or tripped landings.


We enjoyed the new Rush V2 from Flysurfer. Highly versatile, it provided masses of fun in a range of conditions. Though designed as a freestyle board, it holds great freeride and old school abilities making it a go-to board for the more advanced rider, or an early intermediate looking to progress quickly within this style.

Flysurfer’s fresh new graphics compliment the board to create a stylish, polished product which will not be outdated for a very long time.

This review was in Issue 78 of IKSURFMAG.

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