Ozone Infinity V1 145 x 44cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Infinity V1 145 x 44cm 2019

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At A Glance

Since the inception of the Zephyr a decade ago, Ozone have been synonymous with light wind riding fun. Fast-forward to now and we see foiling firmly taking over. However, what about those who simply love to shred and throw themselves around more akin to those 20 knot days? Enter the Infinity. This is a light wind board with a difference. Not a ‘door’ or a ‘plank’ it has the outline of a regular twin tip with a greater width which is carried throughout the board, and a lay up not dissimilar to that of the Torque or Code, yet with light wind accessibility as a focus.

At its core, the Infinity is a freeride/freestyle cross over. The base of the board features a double concave which then flattens towards the channelled tips. The rocker line is relatively flat which encourages more board in the water for earlier planing, and the flex pattern has been optimised for control in the mid section and enough pop and performance in the tips for throwing freestyle moves.

The Infinity is a pretty regular 145cm long, however the 44cm width is wider than average and this is carried almost the entire length of the board adding the volume needed for such light wind efficiency.

The board itself has been made with A grade Paulownia wood, has A grade 316 stainless steel inserts for straps or boots, and has high quality Biaxial and UD fiberglass layers to provide a balance of flex, response and strength.

Size: 145 x 44 cm

"The oxymoron of our sport; light wind freestyle, has been shattered with this quite phenomenal board"

On The Water

The Infinity, unlike other light wind boards, has been designed with riding performance in mind rather than simply getting you planing in sub 12 knots. The width initially takes a couple of tacks to get used to, but the heel side bias of the strap set up makes this quick to adjust to.

Initial thoughts are of how smooth the Infinity is to ride and how ‘normal’ the board feels. Due to the width the straps are closer to the heel side edge which enables easy edging for even smaller less powerful riders, and the tip channelling keeps the tail of the board locked to the water for an impressive upwind reach and some excellent carving on any lumps and bumps you find on your way.

Both flat and choppy water proved no issue for the Infinity; even in chop the board cut through well with minimal spray and still a smooth ride underfoot.

Moving on to some air time, and the Infinity’s uncanny ability to feel like your regular twin tip makes you simply start throwing all your tricks as though it were twice the wind strength. You can generate good speed that then will create excellent usable pop to launch you up. Even unhooked the Infinity can be loaded well to allow you to throw your tricks with ease. The width of the board keeps things stable on landings, and you can immediately get back on your edge to do it all again.

After using the Infinity for an hour or so I jumped back on my regular (138x42) twin tip and the power difference was remarkable. From feeling powered and able to pop some tricks to having to work hard to even hold a line. The switch back to the Infinity was made in record time!

Ozone’s new pad and strap system lock your feet in place with minimal lateral movement, are hugely adjustable, and thankfully simple in both installation and design.


The oxymoron of our sport; light wind freestyle, has been shattered with this quite phenomenal board. The Infinity not only gets you riding in super light winds, it gets you performing too. Feeling simply a little larger than your regular twin tip, the difference is incredible and enables you to ride in those marginal winds and enjoy it too.


This review was in Issue 76 of IKSURFMAG.

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