Ozone Torque V2 138 x 42cm 2021 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Torque V2 138 x 42cm 2021

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At A Glance

Ozone’s successful freestyle/freeride board the Torque is back for its 2nd version. Taking all the knowledge and feedback from the V1, Ozone have spent their time developing and perfecting the Torque V2 in their own purpose built factory in Vietnam. An A grade Paulownia wood core and biaxial and UD fiberglass layers make up the core of the board and, unlike many, the Torque V2 comes ready to rip with fins, handle, pads and straps supplied. All accessories provided are high quality, and the pad and strap combo are super grippy even when wearing the dreaded wetsuit booties we have fallen foul of recently. All packaging is sustainably focused and 3 smart new graphic colour choices complete the package.

Sitting in the line up as the freestyle/freeride board, it is equally at home stomping the latest passes as it is being flipped through your board off repertoire.

New for this V2 is an updated bottom shape; primarily the newly updated quad concave is visibly exaggerated which allows for huge grip in all water states and also ensures lightning reactions to rider input. The tips of the Torque V2 have been progressively tapered to provide a smoother take off and landing, and an improved flex pattern.

On The Water

Noticeably stiffer than its predecessor, the Ozone Torque V2 immediately has that super smooth playful feel but now you can really get some power behind you to get the most out of it. This is not to say it is too stiff however, it comfortably sits in the medium flex category and for those who really like to use their board it provides a much more responsive and powerful ride.

Easy to plane and get running upwind, the board holds down masses of power even through rolling swell and choppy water thanks to the pronounced quad concave base. Tricking in these less than ideal water states remarkably posed no real upset with a super smooth and precise take off and an equally stable and controlled landing.

For big air riding this grip enables you to hold on until that last possible moment before shooting up, and grabbing hold of the grab recesses in the deck means you have a firm grip for the latest (attempted) board off maneuvers. Landing at high speed feels secure and controlled without any of the dreaded wobble on landing.

For freestyle in both boots and straps we felt is where the greatest joy can be had with the Torque V2. Incredible precision and feedback with the more powerful ride produces a mammoth pop which is completely controllable throughout the trick. You do need to be more aggressive with your edge in comparison to the V1, which results in a far superior amplitude of your tricks. Landings are soft and responsive with that ever satisfying slap to turn heads your way every session.


The Torque V2 has matured into an all out performance twin tip for the assertive rider. Not out of bounds for a beginner by any means, but in the hands of a proficient rider the Torque V2 comes into its own as an incredibly high performing and versatile board whether you use boots or straps, or ride freestyle or big air.

The stiffer build with new bottom shape and trip pattern have created an unparalleled pop whilst maintaining that smooth and responsive platform to stick landings with ease.

This review was in Issue 86 of IKSURFMAG.


By Sukie Robertson

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