Ozone Code V3 138 x 41cm 2022 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Code V3 138 x 41cm 2022

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At A Glance

As the trend of big air and that super smooth riding has firmly established itself as the current 'in' style, boards which were once relegated to the more senior cruiser amongst us have now become the go-to. The Code is one of those and is now back for its third version of the popular high-performance freeride board.

The Ozone Code V3 houses an A-grade Paulownia wood core for ultimate flex characteristics, light weight and incredible strength. Then, a layer of Bio-Based (35% plant origin) Epoxy Resin is followed by precise lamination using high-quality Biaxal Fiberglass and UD Carbon layers to provide the ultimate balance of flex, response and strength. Narrow tips with new tri-spine channelling detail, medium flex, medium rocker, and 316 stainless steel inserts complete the rest of the board.

The Code V3 comes complete with fins and a handle, and the V2 straps on offer from Ozone are second to none in comfort and adjustability straight out of the box.

Sizes: 129 x 38 cm, 132 x 39 cm, 135 x 40 cm, 138 x 41 cm, 141 x 42 cm, 144 x 43 cm

On The Water

Smooth, with an extra helping of smooth, is how we would describe the Code V3. The board flies along with incredible grip and comfort, with those new softer narrow tips soaking up all but the largest bits of chop.

We found you couldn't help but find little waves to carve on and really get behind the rail of this board. Find a flat section, and the Code V3 has some surprisingly agile freestyle abilities with excellent, accessible pop.

Of course, it is in performance freeride where the Code V3 really comes into its own. Holding a lot of power before launching skyward, the board locks you in with a controlled release and low weight in the air. The new tri-spine channelling on the tips is super grippy for those well-powered fast landings, and the smooth ride is maintained throughout.


The Ozone Code V3 is one of the smoothest boards we have used in a long time. A high performing freeride board at its core, it is just at home cruising, sending your biggest loop, or even throwing a few of your classic freestyle moves. With incredible grip and feedback, it is just as at home in silky flat water or the choppier real-world conditions most of us find ourselves in.


This review was in Issue 96 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Sukie Robertson

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