Future Kiting Mucho 142 x 43cm 2022 Kitesurfing Review

Future Kiting Mucho 142 x 43cm 2022

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At A Glance

Future Kiteboarding was established in 2008. Originally, Future was manufacturing kites as well as boards; however, in 2017, they discontinued kites to focus solely on boards, both for wakeboarding and kiteboarding. In 2019, Future Kiteboarding partnered with renowned ski manufacturer, Kästle. This brand distinguishes itself by producing and developing market-leading technologies for its skis. Any skiers out there will know what I mean! The fact that Future gets to share the factory with this company, hence using the same technology and production lines, is a huge breakthrough for this kiteboarding brand.

The Mucho was designed and developed by Martin Harvík. The construction of the board has a radical convex shape on the bottom, which has been adequately termed a "fish belly" by Future. The two distinctive rails taper off in the middle, which strengthens the bottom of the board.

The Mucho's base is made of basalt, which is super resistant. The basalt is very stiff, allowing the manufacturer to make the board thin and light. This, combined with the Sword Technology applied to Future's boards, allows the board to be super thin and robust. Also adding to the durability of the board is the hardened protective foil covering it, which creates a unique 3D image when dicing through the water.

The core of the board is a CNC-cut (a special technology for shaping boards) wood core. The accurate nature of the cutting technology allows for a precise profile and stark channels and contours on the board.

The Mucho is best paired with the Future Pro bindings. These bindings have two straps to adjust to your preference, and the binding angle can also be tweaked to offer minor changes to your riding. The footpads themselves are super comfy and soft, which offers great support when riding. For a slightly cheaper option, the Future Bindings are a solid option that is lower priced without sacrificing too much performance.

Finally, the board comes in three distinctive colours (blue, yellow, and red), guaranteed to turn heads at the beach - all for the right reasons, of course! Personally, I think the red looks the best!

Sizes: 129x40, 134x42, 148x43, 142x43, 145x43

On The Water

The Mucho 2022 absolutely rockets upwind! At first glance, the Fish Belly base looks atypical for a kiteboard, but I can tell you that it displaces the water very well in order to cut through the water upwind. It also changes where you can move your weight across the board and allows some more front foot pressure compared to other boards. As the Fish Belly almost creates extra buoyancy, you don't have to worry about digging in the tip of the board when adding too much front foot pressure.

The 3-stage rocker also allows for modest amounts of pop. I managed to have great fun playing around on the board! The extra basalt reinforcement added underneath the footpads generates vast amounts of energy that can be released in a jump. That said, the Mucho may isn't designed to win the GKA freestyle tour, so if you are a freestyle junkie, I would recommend checking out the Boss Carbon or the Oraculum from Future Kiteboarding.

When coming down from heavy landings, the Mucho cushions you and creates those buttery smooth landings that every kiter dreams of. When edging up for a jump or cranking it upwind, the two channels hold you well against the pull of the kite. The board comes standard with 5 cm fins, which add to the already impressive grippy feel the board generates without feeling like they get "stuck" in the water when cutting a sharp turn. I must add that the foot straps are some of the comfiest I have used. The soft padding absorbs all the chop and allows you to stay out for longer sessions!

The outline, carved impressively by the CNC plasma torch, creates little to no spray that goes into the face. As all kiters know, there is nothing worse than getting a load of seawater in the face. Finally, the handle included is very ergonomic and has little grooves running on the inside that make board offs or carrying the board easy.


The cruisy nature of the board makes it great fun for all abilities! Merged with a super robust and long-life board, it makes the Mucho from Future Kiteboarding a great first purchase after lessons. The highlight of the Mucho 2022 is the way that it effortlessly glides upwind! The board also comes in a range of sizes that permits the largest and smallest riders to use it and enjoy their sessions!

This review was in Issue 93 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Liam Dredge
Liam fell in love with all Watersports after completing numerous seasons aboard, he then picked up kiting whilst in the warm tropics of the Carribean and has been obsessed ever since! Anyone that knows him would say it's near the only thing he talks about (which drives some crazy), and he loves to keep up to date with all the latest news, equipment and events that kiting has to offer. Liam also runs his own Watersports Centre along the south coast of the UK, LOOP Watersports, which is where our IKSURFMAG Test Centre is located!

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