Airush Switch 138 x 41cm 2022 Kitesurfing Review

Airush Switch 138 x 41cm 2022

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At A Glance

The 2022 Airush Switch is an absolute stunner with its Palownia exposed wood core and simple, modern graphics. We know graphics have no impact on the performance of a board, but when a board looks this good, we're pretty sure we look better riding it! To be fair, there aren't too many hideous boards on the market, but we are pretty into the design style over at Airush.

Our demo model was a 138x41 with 45mm fins and equipped with matching AK Boost footstraps, all carefully colour coded to have a brilliant pop of yellow colour.

With the new Switch, Airush has taken a quintessential kiteboard shape and made it into a modern work of art. Designer Dave Kay says, "The Switch is the longest running Twin Tip design in kiteboarding, going right back to the earliest days of the sport. Legendary designers like Jimmy Lewis and Colin McCulloch have in the past worked on this model. With the 20 years of history it is quite an honour for me to be able to put my own take on this important board in the Airush line up."

The Airush Switch has a single concave base and step down rails with yellow ABS inserts, which not only look great but are intended to reduce drag so you can spend more time riding and less time slogging! It has staggered inserts, which means there is a defined heelside edge and toeside edge, so don't be riding your board over sand or rocks because you've only got one edge to play with!

Looking at the outline of this low rocker board, it really is a simple, uncomplicated shape that is obviously freeride friendly and forgiving. As it is intended to suit the average freeride kiter, the Airush Switch is available in seven sizes, so you don't have to compromise on the wrong size.

Sizes: 132x39, 135x40, 138x41, 141x42, 144x43, 148x44, 152x45

On The Water

We tested the board in what we consider to be not-so-nice conditions, with mainly onshore wind and mushy waves. But that didn't stop the Switch from destroying everything we threw at it! From old school slashes on the waves to jumps, rotations, and loops, this board is an easy, all-around ride.

We love the board, but the Boost footstraps were brand new and needed to be broken in a bit, as they were quite slippery on the first session. However, after riding for a bit, the grip kicked in, and we were ready for action!

The Switch is light underfoot and flies upwind, thanks to that low rocker and stiff centre design. We can attribute some of that performance to the 3D shape, which is thicker in the middle and thinner on the flex tips. We noticed that we had flexible but locked in riding, and on jumps and trucks, even the harder landings felt relatively soft. The board is durable and, thanks to the trusty wood core, should last a long time!

Some boards out there have fancy bases with wild channel design, but not the Switch, though that's not a bad thing. It has a very simple progressive single concave; nothing too fancy, but unless you're riding finless or attempting wakestyle moves, a complex channel pattern is unnecessary.


This is a do-it-all fun, playful board suitable for most riding styles. We really loved the strong upwind performance on this board, especially in the grubby conditions we rode it in. Everything felt easy, and even though it is not intended to be an extreme, high-performance board, the forgiving, friendly nature allowed us the freedom to push our limits on the water. The Airush Switch is a perfect board for riders starting out that will be their partner in crime all the way to an advanced level of riding.


This review was in Issue 90 of IKSURFMAG.

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