Airush Session Team 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Airush Session Team 2024

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The Session Team, featuring the Ho’okipa material, is an incredibly versatile surf-oriented kite with exceptional performance freeride capabilities. The Ho’okipa is a unique ultra PE woven leading edge that offers up to 10 times the strength and stiffness of traditional fabrics. As a result, the Session Team is highly responsive, lightweight, and delivers long-term performance.

The fixed bridle of the Session Team provides direct steering and smooth power delivery, accompanied by lighter bar pressure. This kite has enhanced agility capabilities due to its narrower leading edge and struts. It excels in pivoting turns, depower, bar throw, and drift. The durability of the Session is remarkable, even when subjected to crashes into sharp reefs.

The Session kite is particularly impressive for wave riding, offering unrivaled down-the-line drift and bar pressure. It meets all the requirements of a great wave kite and instills confidence, especially in challenging spots. Its responsiveness and easy re-launching make it suitable for sticky situations, making life easier for riders.

For those who prefer a faster riding style, the Session Team is an ideal choice. It provides direct turns, effective depower, excellent drift, and decent hangtime. Moreover, it is enjoyable to fly and withstands the demands of any riding conditions.

The Session kite's heart remains in the waves, but it has become an absolute all-round performer. It delivers exceptional drift performance, effortlessly maintaining its position in the center of the window during bottom and top turns with minor bar adjustments. The kite provides the right amount of power needed while riding.

The Session is also a great choice for strapless riding due to its versatility. It can be adjusted to suit jumping and tricks, as well as surfing sessions, with slight modifications.

The Airush Load Frame plays a crucial role in setting a new standard for durability without compromising on weight. The primary load of the canopy is carried by ultra-high modulus yarns, preventing stretch and enhancing long-term performance. WebTech complements the Load Frame by incorporating ultra-high molecular polyethylene fibers in areas traditionally occupied by Dacron. This helps reduce weight while increasing strength and supporting structural components.

Developed in collaboration with Challenge Sailcloth, the unique Ultra PE leading edge composite material is significantly lighter and stronger than traditional fabrics. It allows for 50% higher pressure, resulting in increased stiffness and a thinner leading edge. This material offers exceptional responsiveness, sublime handling, and the long-term performance expected from Airush.

The Session kite is designed with square wingtips for improved pivoting and reduced sweep for a more direct input. On the other hand, the Lithium features a longer center chord for greater parked power and bar drive, with more sweep in the wingtip to enhance relaunch capability.

In summary, the Session Team is an exceptional kite for surf-oriented and performance freeride purposes. Its unique Ho’okipa material provides incredible responsiveness and lightweight performance. The fixed bridle ensures direct steering and smooth power delivery. With improved agility capabilities, this kite excels in pivoting turns, depowering, bar throw, and drift. It offers superior durability, making it suitable for different riding styles and conditions. The Airush Load Frame and WebTech feature contribute to its impressive strength and lightweight design. With the Session Team, riders can enjoy the perfect combination of versatility, responsiveness, and long-term performance.


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