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Airush Ultra Team 2024

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The Ultra Team kite, featuring the Airush Team Series construction, showcases the innovative Ho'okipa material technology. Ho'okipa is made of Ultra PE fiber, which enhances the leading edge to be 10 times stronger and stiffer than traditional fabrics. This combination, along with the proven Single Strut Geometry, narrow diameter high pressure leading edge, and high-tension canopy, creates the perfect balance for superior lightwind performance.

The Ultra Team kite is incredibly powerful yet feels lightweight. It excels in low wind conditions, making it ideal for foiling and wave riding. With its exceptional performance and improved design, the Ultra Team sets a new benchmark for light wind kites.

The key to the Ultra Team's durability without adding weight lies in the Airush Load Frame. Ultra-high modulus yarns and WebTech, a web subframe of ultra-high molecular polyethylene, reinforce the load frame and minimize the use of heavier fabric like Dacron. This not only increases strength but also reduces weight.

Developed in partnership with Challenge Sailcloth, the Ho'okipa Ultra PE material is 25% lighter and 10 times stronger than traditional fabrics. It allows for higher pressure, resulting in increased stiffness and a thinner leading edge. The result is heightened responsiveness, exceptional handling, and long-term performance.

The Ultra Team's lightweight design, reduced diameter leading edge, and reinforced Ho'okipa Ultra PE material make it ideal for foil, freeride, and surf disciplines. Whether you're an intermediate or advanced rider, the Ultra Team offers unmatched performance and versatility.

The new Ultra Team, with its swift and nimble characteristics, delivers power intuitively and on-demand without overwhelming the rider. Its superior light wind turning performance ensures maximum power and clean forward drive. With the Ultra Team, Airush has set a new standard for lightweight and highly responsive kite design, making it a top choice for kite foiling, freeride, and surf.

In conclusion, the Ultra Team kite, featuring the Ho'okipa Ultra PE material and Airush Load Frame, offers unmatched responsiveness, lightweight performance, and durability. Its innovative design, combined with the use of ultra-high modulus yarns and web subframe technology, ensures superior strength and minimized weight. The Ultra Team is the ultimate choice for riders seeking maximum performance and versatility in foil, freeride, and surf disciplines.


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