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Airush Session 2024

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The Session kite is designed for riders who want a versatile surf-oriented kite with both strapless and freeride capabilities, all in a single package. Its unique canopy shaping features a relatively fine entry, allowing the kite to fly forward in the window when necessary. The sheeting angle, aspect ratio, and large wingtips enable the kite to pivot quickly and drift deep into the window as needed. The V3.1 Bridles ensure a wide wind range and maintain steering control while sheeting out, making it ideal for carving transitions, wave top turns, or strapless riding. Overall, the Session offers perfect drift, agile turning, and effortless boosting.

The kite is known for its exceptional drift and bar pressure, making it perfect for wave riding. Its durability is also noteworthy, as it can withstand crashes into sharp reef without any issues. This reliability is essential when riding in challenging conditions. The Session is highly responsive and easy to relaunch, which adds to the overall convenience and ease of use.

For those who prefer a faster riding style, the Session delivers with its direct turning, ample depower, impressive drift, and decent hangtime. Most importantly, it remains fun to fly and can handle whatever you put it through.

The Session is a versatile kite that shines in wave riding but is also capable of performing well in other disciplines. It offers a 2-in-1 experience, allowing riders to jump and perform tricks while also enjoying a smooth surf session with a few adjustments.

The kite features interchangeable fixed- or pulley bridles, providing options for direct steering with on-off power delivery or smooth gust response with light bar pressure. Its premium fabric is designed with a high-density structure, utilizing high-tenacity, double-coated polyester yarn in a double ripstop configuration. This construction protects the canopy from UV and abrasion damage, ensuring its longevity and responsiveness.

Airush Bumpers, strategically placed throughout the leading edge, reduce wear and increase durability, particularly on rough surfaces. These bumpers significantly prolong the kites' lifespan. Adjustment options may vary depending on the kite size, with larger kites offering more adjustability.

The Session features an oversized SPS valve (Single Point Inflation System) for optimized inflation and deflation. The Fast Bladder Inflation (FBI) mechanism, with increased wall thickness and oversized diameter tubing, eliminates tube kinks, reduces stress on the pump, and facilitates quick and easy inflation.

Utilizing Kevlar reinforcements in critical areas, the Session combines durability with lightweight performance. These reinforcements protect against wear without compromising the kite's overall weight and performance.

With its square wingtips, the Session delivers enhanced pivotability, while reduced sweep provides a more direct input. The kite's longer center chord offers increased parked power and bar drive, while the swept wingtip enhances relaunch capabilities.

In summary, the Session kite is a versatile surf-oriented kite that excels in strapless and freeride performance. With its unique canopy shaping, V3.1 Bridles, and durable construction, it offers perfect drift, agile turning, and effortless boosting. Whether you're a wave rider, looking for a 2-in-1 experience, or seeking a kite that can handle various riding styles, the Session is a reliable choice.


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