CrazyFly Raptor Extreme 138 x 42cm 2022 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Raptor Extreme 138 x 42cm 2022

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At A Glance

The Raptor Extreme is CrazyFly's best-selling board across the range. The board has been designed and developed alongside big air world champion Posito Martinez and is your ticket to the moon!

2022 sees Crazyfly bring a brand-new shape to the board. The board consists of a full carbon layup, so it is both lightweight and durable. CrazyFlywanted the board to have maximum pop, and the tip area has been designed to offer better take-off. The board has an edge control track on the base giving the rider better grip and plenty of control. The board's base also features a 'bottom sheet grind base' – this is something wakeboards see but gives great durability.

Microchannels beneath the board assist in blasting upwind better and help disperse water more effectively. Nano Skin Glide technology gives great gliding properties and provides quicker speeds which can help you time that all-important jump.

The board can be used with both straps and boots. To test, we have the straps, and they were extremely comfortable, with plenty of options to choose from for comfort.

Sizes: 132x41, 135x41, 138x42, 140x42, 142x43cm.

On The Water

This board was fantastic on the water! It cut through the chop and, with it being so light, felt really easy to handle when blasting back and forward. With its 'Edge Control Track' system, it shot upwind, and you are never inclined to catch an edge at the wrong moment.

Fortunately, we had super strong wind conditions, so we were able to test the board for what it was designed for – big air. The Raptor Extreme felt perfect for this discipline. The board offered great speed heading into the kickers, and when landing, it felt super smooth. After your jumps, the step cap thin rails enhanced that upwind performance even more, getting you back to your take-off zone with ease.

Aside from being great for big air, this board also works well for your general cruising and blasting back and forth. With it coming in a range of sizes, it can cover the younger and lighter riders all the way up to those who enjoy riding something a little bigger. On a side note… the board also looks pretty cool with its carbon finish and stealthy looking red details!


The 2022 CrazyFly Raptor Extreme is one that can't go amiss. If you want a board that can help give you those extra metres in the air whilst also offering a comfortable ride, it's a great choice. If you're more into your freeriding, it's also a great choice. Although freestyle moves could be done on the Raptor Extreme, there are other boards in the CrazyFly range that would be better suited to this. But, as far as big air goes, there's no other CrazyFly board that beats the Raptor Extreme!


This review was in Issue 93 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit CrazyFly


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