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4 days ago

Fast and Furious like you've never seen before, the Ride Up Mountains team go to extremes at 45 degrees! 💪↗️
This is mountain riding at its best and where our revolutionary Re-Ride Release System is of utmost importance. Once activated the kite can easily be re-launched without having to untangle or clear any lines. You also have the land and secure option using the secure loop, that keeps the kite powerless on the ground. This makes landing and packing your kite safe and easy even in high winds! 🌬

#SubzeroV1 #snowkite #adventure


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7 days ago

The perfect storm 🌪 exists!
Though best to leave riding these to the pros! 💪
Ruben Lenten

9m #AMPv1 & #TorqueV1 in 30-40kts.

#ozonekites #ozoneboards #inspiredbynature #drivenbytheelements #pushthelimits #breakboundaries
#len10 #kiteboarding #storm #netherlands #northsea
🎥: @edwinhaighton & @jkdibbets

Ozone Kites updated their cover photo.
Ozone Kites updated their cover photo.
1 week ago




#infinityv1 #ozoneboards

Ozone Kites updated their cover photo.
Ozone Kites updated their cover photo.
1 week ago

Infinity V1 - Performance lightwind - OUT NOW!!

Don’t find yourself sitting in desperation on the beach, take the Infinity and tear it up!


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1 week ago

No more sitting on the beach when it's light wind! 🌬 Our newest release, the Infinity V1 makes riding in what would have been frustrating conditions more exciting and progressive.

Alive with speed and maneuverability, the Infinity redefines what we think of as a light wind board. It is livelier, lighter and smaller than other light wind specific boards on the market - the Infinity motivates progression!

It has range too; as the wind increases the Infinity remains smooth and controllable to ride thanks to its unique hybrid freeride-light wind outline.

Available in stunning Red with transparent sections to show off the impressive wooden core and an impactful Blue colour that stands out on and off the water.

Don’t find yourself sitting in desperation on the beach, take the Infinity and tear it up! 💥


#infinityv1 #outnow #newrelease #lightwind #twintip #inspiredbynature #drivenbytheelements

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2 weeks ago

The Kiteboarder Magazine testers were in for a surprise 🤩 getting their hands on our newly released AMP V1, their test criteria was for mainly freeride material, we slipped in our C-Kite freestyle design to see how it would compare against the more regarded 'user-friendly' designs and it didn't disappoint!

The guys had great fun boosting and looping the AMP at great heights, they noted that for a C-Kite is has surprisingly good de-power as you change angles of attack which was well received. 🙌

"An excellent weapon of choice" - Read the full article here:

Or head over to our page for more product info:

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2 weeks ago

Full on adrenaline!
Simone Borgi flying over the new #Porsche Cayenne in true Italian style! 💥

With - Ozone Italia Shop Ozone Italia

#SubzeroV1 #dedicated #snowkite
#inspiredbynature #drivenbytheelements

Ozone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kites and paragliders, created around a small but dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots. The Ozone team share the same outstanding passion for nature, exciting sports and progress.

“Our philosophy of riders building kites for riders, remains at the center of everything we do. Our core mission is to improve our sport through technological innovation, intensive R&D and our enjoyment of the sports we love.”
Company overview
Ozone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kites and paragliders http://www.flyozone.com

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Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Alpha V1 10m 2019
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Alpha V1 10m 2019
Ozone Alpha V1

Another genre of kite we are seeing boom recently is the single strut. Single strut kites are a brilliant addition to your quiver, or even replacements for your quiver. They tend to be very lightweight, pack down much smaller for traveling, have huge amounts of depower and many are now performing incredibly well. Ozone have the Uno which is a…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Amp V1 9m 2019
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Amp V1 9m 2019
Ozone Amp V1

An entirely new kite from Ozone, the Amp has been designed for those dedicated freestyle and park riders who need a tool to help them progress. Featuring 5 struts, a mid to high aspect ratio, both 4 and 5 line options and a C kite shaped design, the Amp has all the attributes to keep you at the top of…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Reo V5 9m 2019
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Reo V5 9m 2019
Ozone Reo V5

Building on the success of the Reo V4, the Ozone Reo is back in version 5 (V5) to make its mark once again as one of the top performing wave riding specific kites. The main structure of the kite has stayed the same with 3 struts, large inflate/deflate valve with 1 pump, a pulley-less bridle system and direct line attachments.…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Chrono V3 13m 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Chrono V3 13m 2018
Ozone Chrono V3

The Chrono entered the kite world way back in 2014 when foil kites were still something of a novelty. Move on 4 years, and the Chrono is now one of many foil kites available on the market but holds its stead as one of the most dependable all-around performance foils. Now in Version 3, the designers have taken some of…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Code V1 138 x 41cm 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Code V1 138 x 41cm 2018
Ozone Code V1

The Code V1 is Ozone’s first foray into board building, and they have not done it lightly. Famous already for their own purpose-built factory, they have done the same with their board line and grown their factory to accommodate a new production facility. The Code V1 has been designed as a high-end freeride board. Available in 4 sizes, it will…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Enduro V2 9m 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Enduro V2 9m 2018
Ozone Enduro V2

The Enduro V1 was one of Ozone’s biggest sellers. Suiting a vast array of people for different kite activities, we have been eagerly anticipating its updated version, the V2 we have here, to see what improvements Ozone have made. Still the same spec, a 3-strut mid aspect all-rounder, Ozone have taken their winning formula and tweaked it until they have…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Torque V1 138 X 42cm 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Torque V1 138 X 42cm 2018
Ozone Torque V1

Ozone’s entry into the board game started earlier this year with the impressive Code V1 freeride board. We didn’t think it would be long until a freestyle board joined the lineup, and only a few short months later we were introduced to the Torque V1. Designed as an uncompromising freestyle board, it also happens to be a solid choice as…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Edge V9 13m 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Edge V9 13m 2017
Ozone Edge V9

Needing no , the Ozone Edge has led the way for speed and hangtime amongst inflatable kites for years. Back once again with Version 9 (V9), we were curious to see what improvements could be made to the already impressive kite. A 5-strut kite, it is high aspect and built to let you charge as hard as possible around a…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Hyperlink V1 9m 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Hyperlink V1 9m 2017
Ozone Hyperlink V1

The foil kite trend in kitesurfing has been steadily growing for the past few years; however, as the technology improves we find the performance of these kites has increased exponentially. This is fantastic for those at the top, but for those who wish to use one as an everyday kite, the option has gone out of the window as they…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Reo V4 9m 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Reo V4 9m 2017
Ozone Reo V4

The Reo is Ozone’s flagship wave kite, it’s got a huge following around the world and is the kite that Paulino Pereira uses to devastating effect on the GKA Strapless Wave Tour. For 2017 the kite has been completely updated from the V3 version of last year. It still keeps the Reo DNA, but features updated tips and a new…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Uno V2 6m 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Uno V2 6m 2017
Ozone Uno V2

Ozone have long been looking at ways to make our kitesurfing journeys easier and more accessible. The Uno was launched to fulfil a gap created with the need for a straightforward and safe inflatable trainer kite for those to practise their initial kite skills, and for smaller children who just do not need a full sized kitesurf kite. Now available…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Zephyr 17m 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - Ozone Zephyr 17m 2017
Ozone Zephyr

Back with version five (V5), Ozone have a good thing going with the Zephyr. One of the original ‘light wind specific’ kites, it has been a very high benchmark for other brands to hit with their own models. 17 square meters, 5 struts and a pulley-less bridle system all club together to form a powerful, efficient and direct light wind…

2 hours ago | 0:32

Lenten and Mystic team up to develop the new LEN10 Majestic X hard-shell harness It’s built around the stiff and lightweight Bionic Core Frame, featuring an…

3 days ago | 03:47

While some riders crave warm kiteboarding destinations, tropical beaches and flatwater... That's not the case for these guys! Jonas Lengwiler, Ronny Bollhalder, Flurin Gallmann and…

3 days ago | 1:1

The race-winning performance of the R1 V2 made it the benchmark kite in the racing scene. Ozone has refined the design for the V3, taking…

4 days ago | 05:36

The Ride Up crew are back, and this time, they go on the steepest and fastest ride they've ever been on! Watch this!

7 days ago | 0:32

Never a dull moment for Ruben Lenten - Watch this epic edit as Ruben chases a storm on the North Sea!

7 days ago | 3:34

The 2019 IKA SnowKite World Champions were crowned at Lake Silvaplana in perfect conditions, after a full season kicking off with Formula GPS in Roccaraso,…

1 week ago | 01:51

The weather is getting warmer, but that doesn't stop the Ride Up crew from exploring. The Ride Up Mountains team are on a constant mission to combat…

2 weeks ago | 0:38

Ruben Lenten looking very comfortable on his new setup!

2 weeks ago | 4:6

Get this one on a big screen, and crank up the volume! One of the sports most outspoken and diverse riders, Alex takes you through…

3 weeks ago | 02:13

Ozone's R1 V3 design is derived from the incredibly successful R1 V2. The race-winning performance of the R1 V2 is very easy to tap into,…

3 weeks ago | 00:45

The embodiment of action water sports, breaking boundaries along our way, backing their elite athletes that set off a storm! Mystic just dropped their Spring/Summer…

4 weeks ago | 3:1

Enjoy a little Kai Lenny water action on Necker Island!

Issue 73

More boards and kites get put through their paces this issue, check out the best tests in the business right here, have we ridden your favourite kite or board this year?

2 months ago
Issue 73

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 months ago
Issue 72

Reo Stevens has been running adventure trips for a while now, and Tuamotu in the Pacific is one of his favourite locations. Join him and his friends as they discover some of the most pristine lagoons on the planet!

4 months ago
Issue 72

Lots more 2019 product is getting the once-over from the test team this issue, have we tested your favourite kite or board? Find out right here...

4 months ago
Issue 72

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

4 months ago
Issue 71

Rou fell off his mountain bike and won’t be doing much for the foreseeable future, but it has given him the incredible gift of time, which has led to him creating a new podcast series among other things! Check it out!

6 months ago
Issue 71

More 2019 kites and boards put under the microscope this issue, check out our latest reviews here!

6 months ago
Issue 70

More 2018 kites and boards put under the microscope and even some 2019 gear too, plus the first test of the Duotone Dice.

8 months ago
Issue 70

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

8 months ago
Issue 69

Without a control bar, you aren’t going to get very far. It may not be the most glamorous piece of equipment, but the control bar may have the most significant impact on whether your session is a hit or a miss. Read on to get informed about bar length, line length, connection choices, depower options and more!

10 months ago
Issue 69

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

10 months ago
Issue 68

Leo Houlding, Jean Burgon and Mark Sedon find themselves the adventure of a lifetime, a ten-week, 1,700-kilometre kite, ski and man-hauling expedition to climb one of the most remote mountains on earth, Mount Spectre in Antarctica. Read the incredible story right here...

12 months ago

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Re Solve Split Kiteboard From Kitelement

Issue 72 Wed 6th Feb, 2019

Compact Series Surfboard from ODO Kiteboarding


Issue 71 Fri 7th Dec, 2018

A 2019 Mercury 6/4 Freezip and Vex Harness from Prolimit


Issue 70 Mon 8th Oct, 2018

CrazyFly Raptor LTD Neon Board


Issue 69 Tue 7th Aug, 2018

GoPro Hero 6 Black Action Camera


Issue 68 Tue 12th Jun, 2018

GoPro Hero 6 Black Action Camera


Issue 67 Wed 11th Apr, 2018

Mystic Majestic X Harness


Issue 66 Fri 9th Feb, 2018

6m Flysurfer Stoke


Issue 65 Tue 12th Dec, 2017

7m Cabrinha Drifter + Fireball Bar Set Up


Issue 64 Wed 18th Oct, 2017

Board You Desire From Shinn


Issue 63 Tue 8th Aug, 2017

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 62 Sat 10th Jun, 2017

CrazyFly 2017 Sculp 9m and Sick Bar


Issue 61 Mon 10th Apr, 2017

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 60 Sun 5th Feb, 2017

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 59 Mon 5th Dec, 2016

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 58 Thu 13th Oct, 2016

Fireball Set Up with an Apollo Kite from Cabrinha


Issue 57 Tue 11th Oct, 2016

Blade Trigger 10m Kite


Issue 56 Sun 12th Jun, 2016

Board and Boot Set Up from Liquid Force


Issue 55 Sat 9th Apr, 2016

Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard


Issue 54 Sat 6th Feb, 2016

Wetsuit and Harness from Manera


Issue 53 Tue 10th Feb, 2015

Ride Engine Harness!


Issue 52 Wed 7th Oct, 2015

Prize Pack from TSHOTSH

Guy, Vince

Issue 51 Thu 13th Aug, 2015

Wainman Hawaii ManiaC Kite


Issue 50 Thu 4th Jun, 2015

Liquid Force Legacy Board


Issue 49 Fri 10th Apr, 2015

Slingshot Vision Board


Issue 48 Fri 30th Jan, 2015

Blade Mist Kite and Bar


Issue 47 Mon 8th Dec, 2014

2015 Core GTS3 8m Kite and Bar


Issue 46 Wed 8th Oct, 2014

Ozone Reo Wave Kite


Issue 45 Mon 4th Aug, 2014

Brunotti Board and a Pair of Sunglasses


Issue 44 Mon 9th Jun, 2014

Dakine Harness and Travel Bag


Issue 43 Wed 2nd Apr, 2014

Manera EXO Harness and Goodies!


Issue 42 Thu 30th Jan, 2014

North Gonzales Kite Board!


Issue 41 Mon 2nd Dec, 2013

Best Spark Plug Kite Board


Issue 40 Wed 9th Oct, 2013

Kiteloose Fatty Surfboard


Issue 39 Fri 2nd Aug, 2013

GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Edition


Issue 38 Sun 2nd Jun, 2013

CrazyFly Sculp 9m Kite and Sick Bar System


Issue 37 Mon 1st Apr, 2013

Kitesurf Holiday Experience with Kirsty Jones


Issue 36 Sat 2nd Feb, 2013

2013 F-One Bandit 6 9m Kite


Issue 35 Mon 3rd Dec, 2012

Soul Drysuit by Ocean Rodeo


Issue 34 Mon 1st Oct, 2012

2013 Mystic Wetsuit and Harness


Issue 33 Sun 5th Aug, 2012

Wainman Joke Kitesurfing Board


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