Ozone Zephyr V8 Ultra 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Zephyr V8 Ultra 2024

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Introducing the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X, a light wind specific freeride machine designed for riders of any level who want to enjoy more time on the water. The goal was to enhance the performance of the Zephyr, making it easier and more fun to ride in light winds. With a huge wind range of 6-20 knots, the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X is now 17% lighter and more responsive thanks to the use of Ultra-X materials.

To maximize performance in aerodynamically demanding light wind conditions, the entire airframe of the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X underwent refinement. The addition of more shaping detail resulted in a cleaner sail profile. The introduction of Ultra-X lightweight materials reduced the weight by 17%, giving the kite a more sporty handling experience.

The Zephyr V8 Ultra-X is suitable for anyone who wants to spend more time on the water. The combination of lighter weight and a cleaner canopy enhances the kite's handling and performance. The V8 also features continuous curve leading edge construction with transversal shaping, which reduces drag and ensures a smoother airflow across the canopy.

This kite is perfect for those looking to ride in marginal conditions or enjoy boost and hangtime for learning new tricks. Despite its large size, the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X offers responsive handling similar to a smaller kite. The Ultra-X materials provide a lively feel, even at the extreme edges of the wind window.

The use of lighter weight performance materials, such as the 125g performance dacron on the leading edge and struts, contributes to the kite's improved drift and responsiveness. The 46g double ripstop Teijin cloth on the canopy further reduces the weight while maintaining strength. The bridles have also been reduced in diameter and made of an abrasion-resistant material for improved performance.

With the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X, you can expect a more responsive kite with increased stability, especially in marginal conditions. The handling and bar pressure are lighter, and the airspeed and turning are faster. The kite provides more forward drive and has less tendency to back stall. It also offers better drift and stability over your head. The overall design improvements, including the lightweight construction and shaping features, contribute to the enhanced performance of the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X.

In summary, the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X is a lightweight and highly responsive kite designed for light wind conditions. Its improved performance and handling make it a great addition to any rider's quiver, allowing for more enjoyable sessions on the water. The use of Ultra-X materials and advanced design features further enhance the kite's performance, providing a thrilling experience in even the lightest winds.


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