Ozone Reo V7 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Reo V7 2024

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Two years after the launch of the V6, the Reo V7 has arrived, offering even tighter tuning for an exhilarating experience on the water. With its joystick control, this iconic kite delivers thrilling sessions every time.

The Reo V7 is the perfect surf performance kite, designed to conquer any wave in any location. It features transverse sail shaping, which results in a cleaner and tighter canopy, ensuring improved performance and response. The kite offers instant power, faster handling, impressive de-power, and insane drift.

In addition to the Reo V7, we have also introduced the Ultra-X model. The Ultra-X is faster, smoother, and has a larger range, making it ideal for riders who prioritize wave performance. It offers quick turning, crisp control, and excellent drift, making it suitable for freeride foilers as well.

The V7 is built to withstand rugged conditions, making it perfect for riders who frequently launch or land on abrasive beaches. The meatier material used in the V7 offers added durability and peace of mind, particularly in stronger wind conditions.

Both the V7 and Ultra-X models feature the same panel layout and have undergone various tweaks and improvements since the V6. The addition of extra seams and a transverse sail shaping on the leading edge has resulted in a tighter canopy and enhanced sail control.

The Reo V7 is specifically designed for wave riding and provides improved range and better feel. Its low aspect three-strut platform ensures fast turning response and smooth movement through the window. The kite also boasts excellent stability, superb drift, and reduced nose diving at the edge of the window.

With its lightweight construction and advanced design features, the Reo V7 offers outstanding performance while maintaining the strength and integrity expected from an Ozone product. Whether you're an unhooked rider or prefer riding with a bar, the Reo is designed to accommodate your needs. Relaunching the kite is quick and easy, making it a reliable companion in challenging conditions.

In summary, the Reo V7 is a high-performance surf kite suitable for riders seeking speed, control, and drift. With its improved range, refined design, and enhanced features, it offers an unparalleled wave riding experience. Whether you choose the V7 or the V7 Ultra-X, you can expect top-notch performance and durability from these kites.


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