Ozone Catalyst V4 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Catalyst V4 2023

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The Catalyst is a great kite for individuals who are new to the sport or riders who want a kite that is fun and boosts confidence. It is designed with ease of use and accessibility as the main focus.

This kite is particularly recommended for entry-level to intermediate riders. The Catalyst V4 is extremely stable and easy to launch, land, and fly. Its lightweight one-strut design, combined with an open arc shape, delivers smooth power and exceptional light wind capabilities, ensuring that you can start riding with ease.

One of the standout features of the Catalyst is its wide wind range and progressive de-power system, which makes riding in variable or gusty conditions much more comfortable. Additionally, its great upwind performance allows you to spend more time honing your skills.

Once you have mastered the basics and are ready to take your game to the next level, the Catalyst proves to be surprisingly adept at jumping. You can expect smooth lift and precise feedback, making it easier to learn your first jumps.

For added convenience, the bar can be turned or the re-launch balls on the leader lines can be used to roll the kite over into the re-launch position. This ensures that the kite is ready to go again in case of a mishap.

The Catalyst features a retracting rear bridle line system that reduces the chances of line tangles, while also increasing rear line tension when riding sheeted out. This enhances the kite's reactivity to bar inputs.

Safety is a top priority, and the Catalyst is equipped with a proven Front Line Flag Out release system. When the Click-in Loop is released, the kite flags out to one front line, immediately releasing all the power.

The construction of the Catalyst is top-notch, utilizing a combination of rip-stop materials. The rip-stop canopy material is coated with an advanced ultra-flex coating, which improves feedback in gustier conditions and ensures a smoother ride. The technical rip-stop dacron used on the Leading Edge and Strut adds strength, durability, and longevity.

Setting up and packing the Catalyst is a breeze, thanks to the Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System. It features single-point inflation/deflation and a high air flow rate between the Strut and Leading Edge. The hoses can be sealed with clips to prevent unwanted air flow in case of damage.

Overall, the Catalyst is a fun and easy kite to ride, guaranteeing fast, safe, and enjoyable progression in the sport. It is constructed with world-class materials in our own factory, ensuring the highest quality standards at every step.

Ozone prides itself on using advanced custom-built CAD software to design and develop all its kites and wings. This software allows the designers to specifically tailor features to the unique forms and structures of technical inflatable and foil kites and wings. As the development of our products continues, our design team dedicates their efforts to upgrading the CAD code and adding new modules and features to the program.

Pulleys are completely eliminated from the design of all our inflatable kites, delivering the unique Ozone feeling and performance.

The interior of the Catalyst is just as important as its exterior. It incorporates internal reinforcements for enhanced strength and durability, such as a double-layered Dacron + Insignia taped Leading Edge closing seam with high-strength threads.

Overlap flat seam construction provides better sail control, resulting in a cleaner canopy overall. Additionally, Dacron reinforcements are strategically placed on all loaded areas to ensure even load distribution, optimizing the kite's performance.

The Direct Connect construction method improves load distribution between the Leading Edge, Struts, and Canopy. This unique method connects the struts directly to the Leading Edge, using both internal and external reinforcements. It allows the kite to maintain clean profiles and the optimal canopy tension.

High-stress areas, including the Leading Edge and Struts, are reinforced to ensure that the kite canopy maintains its shape and performs at its best.

The Catalyst incorporates a double-layered Trailing Edge strip with an internal lightweight Dyneema reinforcement, reducing canopy wear and maintaining optimum Trailing Edge tension as intended. The Dyneema line also minimizes any potential stretch at the Trailing Edge.

Our bladders are manufactured in-house using advanced custom-built welding machines. Double-layered sections are applied to areas prone to wear.

At Ozone, the focus is on performance and durability. Therefore, our kites and wings are designed with minimalistic leading edge bumpers. Lightweight yet durable materials with superior abrasion resistance are utilized in areas requiring scuff protection. These materials keep a low profile to reduce drag and maintain optimal performance.

The Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System simplifies the setup and packing process. With single-point inflation/deflation and a high air flow rate between the Struts and Leading Edge, accompanied by clips to seal the hoses, unwanted air flow is prevented in case of damage.

To prevent the bridles and lines from tangling around the wing tip, the Catalyst is equipped with Anti-Snag line deflectors. These deflectors contribute to increased safety during launching with a partner and also make water re-launch easier.

In summary, the Catalyst is a kite that prioritizes ease of use, accessibility, and fun. Its stable and intuitive design ensures a smooth riding experience, while its lightweight construction and open arc shape enable excellent light wind capabilities. Whether you are an entry-level rider or looking to improve your skills, the Catalyst offers a versatile option for all levels. With its impressive jumping capabilities and reliable safety features, it is a kite that allows you to progress quickly and safely in the sport. The Catalyst combines high-quality materials, advanced construction techniques, and innovative features to deliver outstanding performance and durability. Whether you are cruising along or pushing yourself to new heights, the Catalyst will be there to support your journey.

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