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Flysurfer Boost 2023

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The BOOST kite is the ultimate choice for those seeking a fun and thrilling experience. With its ability to enhance your riding skills, increase jump height, and provide precise feedback, it is a reliable companion. This kite is designed to be uncomplicated and durable, allowing you to confidently push your limits and surpass expectations.

When embarking on a freeride session, either of these products will make you feel at home right away. The sturdy frame of the kite is constructed using tightly woven, high-strength fiber from DuPont, reinforced with resin and tempered. This design minimizes stretching, offers high tear resistance, low moisture absorption, and excellent UV resistance. These features ensure that the kite maintains its shape under the highest stress.

The bridle system, equipped with pulleys, provides well-balanced control bar feedback. This allows the kite to generate power evenly and glide smoothly through the air. The spliced bridle system, functioning at a top level, offers maximum security without any tangles or snags, while also minimizing drag.

To distribute forces optimally, the movable bridle anchor points are strategically placed on the leading edge. This avoids tension peaks and adds to the durability of the kite. Additionally, the bridle system can be easily removed and replaced when needed.

The trailing edge of the kite features wavy Dacron reinforcement stripes that seamlessly merge into a double layer of sail. This construction further enhances the product's durability, ensuring that it can withstand various conditions.

As a partner of the Global Kiteboarding Association, these products include a print on the middle of the kite's leading edge for personal details. This feature aids coast guards, rescue workers, and authorities in the event of loss or theft of the equipment.

The BOOST kite converts every movement into thrust, allowing you to unleash your potential and elevate your skills. It offers stability, ease of control, and powerful bar feedback. The fourth generation of the BOOST lineup has improved stability and control, making it perfect for riders who enjoy a steady pull, calm flight characteristics, and powerful bar feedback. The bridle system with pulleys enhances the simplicity of relaunching. Weight has been decreased to improve light wind ability and control at the edge of the wind window. Steering has also been adjusted for more precision and reduced pivoting. Overall, the BOOST4 is a comprehensive upgrade that retains the accessibility and character of its predecessor.

Please note that the BOOST4 no longer supports retrofitting of the Adaptive Airfoil Bridle due to weight reduction.

In summary, the BOOST kite is the ideal choice for an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. Its durable construction, balanced control, and enhanced stability make it a reliable companion for riders of all levels. Whether you want to push your limits, set personal records, or simply cruise with ease, the BOOST kite will consistently deliver outstanding performance.


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