Eleveight Kites RS+ V1 Series 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Eleveight Kites RS+ V1 Series 2023

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Introducing the RS+, a revolutionary kite that combines cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance for the adventurous rider. With its lightweight design and innovative features, the RS+ takes freeriding to a whole new level.

Featuring a precision three-strut delta-hybrid design, this kite offers an ultra-direct feel and superior handling. The use of new lightweight Dynea Tex material ensures a more durable construction, while still maintaining the kite's lightness.

The RS+ delivers powerful lift and massive hang time, thanks to its easy handling and stable light construction that performs efficiently in any condition. This kite is the perfect choice for riders who demand top performance.

The RS+ takes everything you love about the RS and enhances it further. Think of it as a top performance racing car - light, powerful, and responsive. By incorporating our innovative Dynea Tex material, we have created a premium high-performance freeride experience that will exceed your expectations.

Our Dynea Tex fabric is 30% lighter than traditional materials used in inflatable kites. Using a complex structure of ultra-strong Dyneema fibers, this material boasts higher tear and tensile strength, making it up to 32 times stronger than regular Dacron. This optimal balance between responsiveness, lightweightness, and long-term performance sets the RS+ apart from the competition.

We have also developed our XT Light strut material to further reduce weight and enhance the kite's responsiveness. This material provides the right amount of stiffness for the frame structure while allowing enough twist when needed. The result is a kite that offers precise and direct flying characteristics.

Upgrade your freeride session to VIP status with the RS+. This kite reacts instantaneously to steering impulses, allowing for tight turns and maximum boost. It covers a wide wind range and delivers outstanding upwind performance. Even in light wind, you can effortlessly sheet-in and go or achieve impressive airs. The RS+ offers exceptional hangtime and versatility, thanks to its medium swept wingtips and precise bar feedback.

When it comes to construction, Eleveight kites are built with innovative and quality workmanship. Details are strategically designed to ensure long-lasting durability without compromising on the kite's agility. Our unique woven composite provides the perfect balance of responsiveness, lightweightness, and long-term performance. The X4 Ripstop canopy is strong and tear-resistant, guaranteeing lasting performance and enhanced durability.

We have also made inflation and deflation a breeze with the large diameter of the valve and strut connectors. The double strut head reinforcement adds to the kite's solid frame, while the 5 point bridle setup enhances agility and provides a direct bar feeling. The redesigned 3D bridle deflector and strategically placed Extreme Tenacity (XT) cloth reinforcements further reinforce the durability of the kite.

The RS+ is equipped with the toughest and lightest bladder material available, ensuring reliable performance. The kook proof front and backline connection points prevent line mixing, while the pull-to-pull tags allow for easy switching between backline trim options. The triple-reinforced closing seam along the leading edge and angled reinforcements along the trailing edge make the kite practically indestructible and improve stability and longevity.

With different bridle line turning settings, you can easily trim the kite to suit your riding style and wind conditions. The optimized load transition between the inflatable frame structure and the ripstop material enhances stability and durability. Every seam is meticulously glued and stitched for maximum durability, ensuring that your kite can withstand even the toughest conditions.

In summary, the RS+ is a game-changer in the world of kitesurfing. Its lightweight and innovative design, combined with advanced materials and construction, make it the ultimate choice for ambitious riders seeking top performance. Experience the next level of freeride potential with the RS+.


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