Eleveight Kites WS V7 Series 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Eleveight Kites WS V7 Series 2023

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The WS kite is designed to sync to the rhythm of wave seekers and freeriders with its swift turning capabilities. It is a versatile open-C hybrid performance kite that excels in waves, freeriding, and foiling.

This kite offers stability and stall-free performance, making it easy to drift and ride carefree. It performs well in gusty conditions across a wide wind range. The WS is designed for easy piloting and optimized for single-hand control.

The WS kite is packed with features that make it a top choice for riders of all disciplines. Its superfast turns and ease of handling provide endless possibilities. It is nimble yet stable, delivering outstanding performance for carefree riding.

Whether you want to catch waves, have a relaxed session, or even try foiling, the WS kite automatically switches to auto-pilot mode with light initiation. It effortlessly drifts, absorbs gusts, and turns sharply without requiring much force.

The Open-C hybrid three-strut design of the WS kite provides power when needed, and its canopy is optimized for efficient force distribution, ensuring stability. Version 7 of the kite has reduced weight through the use of specialized XT light fabric in the inflatable structures, enhancing its drift capabilities. It remains stall-free and forgiving, making it easy to fly even in lower wind conditions.

The WS kite offers fast and precise turns with swift pivotal characteristics, allowing for smooth-flowing carves. Riders appreciate the light yet direct bar pressure, and the range of sizes and wind range options make it accessible to all.

This kite adjusts to your surfing style, turning rapidly on the spot while generating a well-balanced amount of power. It supports riders in throwing massive spray without sacrificing board control.

The WS kite excels in downwind drift, thanks to its medium aspect ratio. It can absorb gusts and easily travel upwind. When catching a wave, it seamlessly switches to auto-pilot mode, allowing riders to focus on their surfing.

The advanced wingtip sweep of the WS kite provides excellent bar feedback, light bar pressure, and responsiveness. Complex maneuvers can be performed without the need to look up, enhancing the overall experience.

Eleveight kites are known for their quality and innovative craftsmanship. They are designed with longevity in mind, while still remaining lightweight and agile.

The X4 canopy fabric used in Eleveight kites is incredibly durable, tear-resistant, and designed for long-lasting performance. It is made from the highest quality 4x4 ripstop polyester yarn, with less elongation and a high-temperature UV-resistant resin finish. This ensures the kite can withstand demanding conditions.

Every seam of the kite is glued and stitched for maximum durability, ensuring it can handle whatever is thrown at it.

Inflation and deflation are made easy with the large diameter valves and strut connectors. A hose connector is not necessary, simplifying the setup process.

The WS kite features double strut head reinforcement, creating a solid inflatable frame that allows for optimum turning and smoother handling.

A short pulley-free 5-point bridle setup enhances the kite's turning speed and agility while reducing the risk of catching the wingtip.

The redesigned 3D bridle deflector with structural reinforcement decreases the possibility of bridle wrap, making water starts easier and safer.

Extreme Tenacity (XT Light) cloth reinforcements are strategically placed to eliminate canopy wear and tear, including pinholes caused by the valves.

The bladder of the kite, the core of its inflatable structure, is made with the toughest and lightest material available, ensuring durability without sacrificing performance.

Elective makes it easy to rig the kite safely and avoid line mixing with kook-proof front and backline connection points.

Backline trim options can be easily switched with pull-to-pull tags, allowing for customization of steering line settings, turning speed, and bar pressure.

The leading edge of the kite features a triple-reinforced closing seam for maximum durability. Stronger reinforcements are placed in the center segments to handle higher material load.

Angled reinforcements along the trailing edge diffuse load and strain on the canopy, increasing durability, stability, and longevity.

Different bridle line turning settings allow riders to adjust the kite to their riding style and wind conditions. The pivot set-up offers faster turning and more depower, while the tip set-up increases turning radius and offers more power. The standard middle set-up is pre-selected to provide the best balance.

The load transition between the inflatable frame structure and the ripstop material is optimized for improved stability and durability, with an extra layer of double ripstop for protection.

Eleveight's XT Light cloth is lightweight and highly durable, offering a great balance between stability and stiffness. This high-performance inflatable structure material is designed in partnership with Teijin, a leading supplier of sailcloth materials. It features a specialized UV-resistant coating.

In summary, the WS kite by Eleveight is a versatile, high-performance kite that excels in waves, freeriding, and foiling. Its swift turning capabilities, stability, and ease of handling make it a favorite among riders. The kite is designed with durability in mind, using quality materials and innovative construction techniques. Whether you're a wave seeker or freerider, the WS kite offers endless possibilities and an exceptional kitesurfing experience.


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