Eleveight Kites XS V4 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Eleveight Kites XS V4 2023

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Breaking boundaries in big air, the XS kite is the ultimate weapon for extreme riders. With its massive grunt, it allows for the highest jumps in any condition. The XS boasts rapid yet controllable flight characteristics, providing direct feedback to the rider.

Version 4 of the XS has undergone continuous development, resulting in a faster and more precise kite that allows for even higher boosts. Designed for the needs of demanding adrenaline junkies, the XS delivers raw power and is perfect for extreme radical moves.

The sophisticated delta hybrid design of the XS, with its high aspect ratio, provides an increased angle of attack for a perfect balance of power and ease of handling. Its explosive lift is supported by bombproof construction, ensuring durability even in the most extreme conditions.

The flattened arc of the XS enhances efficiency and hangtime, making it intuitive to steer and highly responsive. The direct turning and bar feedback allow for perfect timing and incredible takeoff.

With its five-strut frame, the XS is both lightweight and stable, able to withstand the extreme forces of radical big air. Surprisingly versatile, it can also handle freestyle and waves with ease.

The XS has been aerodynamically optimized with the perfect sweep in the wingtips and an optimum canopy curve. It offers fantastic low-end performance and aids upwind travel, making it suitable for both progressing riders and experienced adrenaline seekers.

Designed with continuous feedback from Team Riders worldwide, the XS has been tested in the most challenging conditions, from storm chasing to record-breaking attempts. Its forward momentum generates powerful megaloops and extended hangtime for old-school tricks.

Built with innovative and high-quality workmanship, the XS is made to last. The X4 canopy fabric, developed exclusively with Teijin, guarantees durability and performance. Every seam is glued and stitched for maximum durability, and the large diameter valves and strut connectors ensure fast inflation and deflation.

The XS's bridle setup enhances turning speed and agility, while the 3D bridle deflector prevents bridle wrap and improves water starts. Extreme Tenacity (XT) cloth reinforcements eliminate wear and tear, and the kite's bladder is made from the toughest and lightest material available.

With kook-proof front and backline connection points, the XS is easy to rig safely. It also offers multiple bridle line turning settings, allowing riders to customize their kite's performance based on their preferences and riding conditions.

The XS is truly the go-to kite for big air action, with explosive lift, power control, and incredible megaloops. Designed for extreme riders, it's the best friend of Big Air enthusiasts.

In summary, the XS kite is designed to push the boundaries of big air with its explosive power and controllable flight characteristics. Its high aspect ratio and advanced design provide stability, efficiency, and impressive hangtime. Built with durability in mind, the XS features high-quality materials and construction techniques. With its versatile performance and customization options, it is the ultimate kite for extreme riders seeking adrenaline-fueled experiences in the air.


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