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Flysurfer Fox 2024

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Introducing the FOX โ€“ an intelligently designed kite that offers a simple set-up, excellent maneuverability, and an effortless self-relaunch. Experience the thrill of flying as you take to the skies and let your imagination soar!

The FOX is commonly utilized for kiting activities involving skateboards, inline skates, or ice skates. It generates sufficient power for exciting adventures on asphalt or ice. To ensure a safe experience, it is important to have a good understanding of safety precautions, the ability to steer with one hand, and proper kite control. It is highly recommended to wear helmets and protective gear when kiteboarding on land.

This kite is perfect for familiarizing oneself with the wind window and mastering kite controls. Trainer kites like the FOX have long been favored for introductory courses and as a stepping stone into the world of kite sports.

Bring immense joy to your children's lives! By engaging in a playful learning process and experiencing the captivating nature of wind with its physical and coordination challenges, they will be happily distracted from their smartphones. Show them the world from the perspective of a wind sports enthusiast. The FOX is recommended for ages six and up.

Featuring a reliable 3-line safety system, the FOX kite allows for minimal power when flagged out and facilitates a smooth reverse launch. With this feature, taking a break, repositioning, or relaunching the kite can all be done calmly, ensuring enhanced safety during sessions or lessons.

In summary, the FOX kite offers ease-of-use, exceptional handling, and the ability to swiftly relaunch. It is a versatile kite that can be enjoyed with various activities and is especially suitable for beginners. Experience the excitement of flying with the FOX and explore the wonders of wind sports.

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