Slingshot SST V7 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot SST V7 2023

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Experience the exhilarating speed of the SST V7. This iconic wave kite has been enhanced with a lighter and more rigid Dacron frame, resulting in precise turns and endless drift.

The SST V7 continues to push the boundaries of kitesurfing. A new, lighter Dacron material has been integrated, along with our thinnest and lightest struts ever, making the SST V7 one of the lightest three-strut kites ever produced. Ben Wilson, a renowned kitesurfing pioneer and member of the Slingshot team, has challenged our development team to maximize speed and drift. Building on the success of the SST V6, our design team has delivered an even more refined SST V7, offering lightning-fast response and precise turning.

The SST V7 is designed to offer superior speed, drift, and responsiveness, while also providing excellent upwind reach and quick water relaunch capabilities.

Whether you're using a surfboard, foil, or twin-tip, the SST V7 delivers exceptional drift, speed, and response, enhancing your enjoyment on the water.

As the next evolution of kitesurfing kites, the SST V7 is faster, lighter, and more technologically advanced than its predecessor. It has become the preferred choice of Slingshot athlete and kitesurfing pioneer, Ben Wilson.

Key improvements include faster turning, improved upwind performance, and enhanced water relaunch capabilities.

At Slingshot, constant testing and research are integral to our process. They have introduced a new, lightweight and rigid Dacron material in the leading edge and struts, surpassing the performance of our previous frames.

The SST V7's wingtip curvature, combined with our IRS bridle technology, offers enhanced speed and responsiveness, revolutionizing upwind performance and water relaunch.

By eliminating pulleys and utilizing ultra-thin and static bridle lines, riders experience more direct and instant kite control, reducing drag and improving overall performance.

Our patented One Pump system has been upgraded with increased tube diameters for improved airflow, as well as repositioned tubes for enhanced durability and efficiency.

The SST V7 provides a perfect balance between user-friendly handling, stability, and smooth power delivery. It excels in all conditions due to its versatile shape.

Constructed with Teijin 4x4 reinforced ripstop nylon, the SST V7 boasts the strongest, stiffest, and most durable canopy available today, ensuring longevity and stability in gusty winds.

With various attachment points integrated into the kite, you can customize the handling, power, and performance to suit your riding style and specific session conditions.

In summary, the SST V7 is an exceptional kitesurfing kite that offers unrivaled speed, drift, and response. With its lighter frame, improved materials, and precise design, it surpasses its predecessor in all aspects. Whether you're a professional or an avid kitesurfer, the SST V7 will elevate your performance and provide an exhilarating experience on the water.


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