Slingshot Code V1 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Code V1 2023

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The all-new Code V1 is a kite designed to enhance the enjoyment of kiteboarding. It offers performance versatility in all conditions and disciplines, making it a favorite among riders. By providing progression and improving skill levels and confidence on the water with every session, the Code V1 aims to be your go-to kite.

The Code V1 is built on a three-strut platform and shares design similarities with the popular Machine kite, known for its big-air capabilities. However, the Code V1 is lighter and more maneuverable. Its medium-aspect ratio and Hybrid Open C shape make for intuitive handling, a great range, and excellent sheet-and-go performance. The responsive wingtip design of the kite also allows for effortless water relaunch for all riders. With its versatility and high performance, the Code V1 caters to riders of all skill levels.

Slingshot, the manufacturer of the Code V1, developed the kite to unlock the maximum performance and versatility in kiteboarding. It excels in all disciplines and conditions, making it suitable for riders at any skill level. Furthermore, it is hailed as the best all-around kite in the Slingshot lineup, as well as the most intuitive one produced by the company. The Code V1 merges high performance with user-friendly simplicity, creating an outstanding kite.

This all-new kite features proprietary kite geometry that is the result of extensive research and testing by Slingshot's design team. The new shape and profile offer remarkable all-around performance versatility in a package that is easy to use and intuitive. By utilizing new materials, such as a lighter and more rigid Dacron in the leading edge and struts, Slingshot has improved the overall performance of the Code V1.

In addition, Slingshot has reduced canopy paneling compared to previous models, resulting in a lighter kite with a more streamlined and aerodynamic profile. The elimination of pulleys and the use of ultra-thin and static bridle lines contribute to a more direct and responsive kite. The upgraded One Pump system includes increased tube diameters for improved airflow and durability.

With its three struts, the Code V1 remains lightweight while offering lightning-fast response and intuitive handling. The Hybrid Geometry ensures an impressive wind range, quick water relaunch, and limitless potential for freeriding. The Code V1 is constructed with Teijin 4x4 reinforced ripstop nylon, making it highly durable and stable in the air, particularly in gusty wind conditions.

Furthermore, the Code V1 incorporates different attachment points that enable riders to fine-tune the kite's handling, power, and performance based on their preferred riding style and specific session conditions.

In summary, the all-new Code V1 by Slingshot is a versatile and high-performance kite designed to make kiteboarding more enjoyable and exciting. Its performance versatility in all conditions and disciplines, combined with intuitive handling and superior construction, sets it apart as a top choice for riders of all skill levels.


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