Airush Razor Kite 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Airush Razor Kite 2023

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The performance and precision of the Razor kite surpasses expectations for freestyle C-kites. It combines unrivaled unhooked performance and more boost, making it ideal for freestyle and Big Air. The Razor stands out with its unbeatable unhooked performance, delivering smooth slack for handle passes and a stable kite position for riding rails. It is the top choice for park and flat water spots. The direct connection and pure feeling of the Razor make it my main kite for freestyle and park riding. The load frame technology and reinforced construction ensure its longevity.

The Razor is designed in collaboration with World Champion Alex Pastor, resulting in mind-blowing pop and slack. The larger sizes are built for freestyle, while the smaller sizes are optimized for Big Air and looping.

The kite features Gradient Load Technology on bridle insert points and leading-edge closure, along with double stitching and Dimension Polyant Dacron, to create a heavy-duty leading edge that can handle increased performance demands. The Airush Load Frame with WebTech ensures durability without adding weight. The introduction of ballistic high-modulus polyethylene web fibers in place of Dacron helps to minimize weight while increasing strength.

The Razor is equipped with specific freestyle and wake-style bridle settings, making it a versatile 5-line freestyle and Big Air kite.

The premium Techno Force™/D2 fabric has a high-density structure and double ripstop configuration with double-coated polyester yarn. This design protects the canopy from UV and abrasion damage, keeping it crisp and responsive.

The oversized SPS valve optimizes inflation and deflation, while the Fast Bladder Inflation (FBI) system eliminates tube kink and reduces stress on the pump, allowing for quick and easy inflation.

Airush Bumpers are strategically placed throughout the leading edge to enhance durability and reduce wear on rough surfaces, ultimately increasing the lifespan of the kite.

In summary, the Razor kite offers exceptional unhooked performance, precision, and versatility for freestyle and Big Air. Its combination of innovative technologies, such as Gradient Load Technology, Airush Load Frame with WebTech, and Techno Force™/D2 fabric, deliver durability without compromising weight. The Razor is the go-to kite for riders seeking unmatched performance and control in their freestyle and park sessions.


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