Ozone Code V2 138 X 41cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Code V2 138 X 41cm 2019

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At A Glance

Ozone jumped into board production a short two years ago with the creation of the Code V1. Alarmingly well received, it set the bar high for the rest of Ozone’s five board line up which did not disappoint. Roll round to now, and we see the boards start to get even more refined, and the second versions (V2) begin to appear.

The Code V2 is a performance freeride board. Not to be mistaken as a beginner board, it is for those riders who demand the performance in the huge spectrum from cruising to big air, loops, old school tricks, down-winders and everything in between.

The Code V2 has an A-grade Paulownia wood core for lightweight and flexible characteristics. This core is then sandwiched between layers of high-quality UD and biaxial fibreglass, which gives the board the ultimate combination of strength, flex and response. The outline and rocker of the board have not changed. However, the flex and spine channels on the tips have done to create a board which has a stronger upwind drive, higher all-round performance and insane grip when loading up for mammoth boosts or coming in hot after loops.

Supplied with the Ozone V2 pad and strap set, these are a solid combination, which moulds to your feet after a few sessions and provided excellent control, feedback and comfort.

Sizes: 129 x 38, 132 x 39, 135 x 40, 138 x 41, 141 x 42, 144 x 43cm

On The Water

The Code V2 has a lot to live up to as one of our favourite boards from last year, and it did not disappoint. A rapid riding speed from the get-go, the board seems more solid underfoot and grips tighter to the water at all points. This speed and grip transfers to some pretty effortless upwind riding, and we were pleased to find this in choppy wavy waters as well as the sought after butter flat lagoons.

Ozone have worked hard to eliminate any spray kicked up from the board, and we were pleased to find they have succeeded, with only a couple of drops making it past knee height. Likewise, the board was comfortable riding in all water states and wind conditions.

The Code V2 feels smaller than it is, and this encourages you to throw it around on the water with fun carve, slashes and rail-to-rail transfers. The new tip shape is noticeable here with masses of grip in the tail for super satisfying carves on waves.

Loading up the CodeV2 for some air time you will be surprised at the amount of speed and power it can hold; it allows for some truly impressive boosts with great control. The board is lightweight enough to throw around for board-off manoeuvres and even features a grab recess to help you keep hold of it. The progressive flex provides a stable platform to power you out of sketchier landings.

For some unhooked and new school fun, the Code V2 has improved with a slightly more aggressive pop to allow for even more styles of kiting to be performed on a single board in one session. The stainless steel inserts give added strength for those with a preference for a more powered riding style, and should you want to use boots. It still holds fantastic all-round ability, however, can be pushed that bit further and slightly harder than its predecessor the V1.


The Code V2 is fast, fun and a fantastic option for those riders who need only the best for their personal riding development. The build quality is second to none with top-end components, and added care has been taken to package the board and fins in cardboard only (meaning it can all be recycled). The Code V2 can hold down masses of power for all styles of riding, and landings are smooth and stable with a fast forward rebound. For a rider who likes to do a bit of everything when they are kitesurfing, the Code V2 is one of those rare boards which will truly live up to this requirement.


This review was in Issue 78 of IKSURFMAG.

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