INOBO Kiteboarding Woodio 135 x 40cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

INOBO Kiteboarding Woodio 135 x 40cm 2019

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At A Glance

The Woodio is the freestyle orientated model from the INOBO line up. Featuring the same Exoskeleton as on all their range, it is the deck of the board that gives the distinct characteristics, appearance and riding style.

The INOBO Exoskeleton is an independent structure made entirely of prepreg carbon which then sits atop whichever base you so chose to complement your board, to suit your riding style or the conditions you are planning to kite in. The skeleton provides the board with its rigidity, while the deck tailors the flex, shape, pop and size of the board.

The Woodio is a more traditional style wooden deck shaped to have a long rail in the water to load against for powered moves, a progressive flex pattern and base channelling for considered water displacement. The complete board comes with good quality accessories in a ready-to-ride package. Alternatively, if you started out with the softer and more forgiving Wavio board set-up, and want to move towards something more freestyle focussed as your riding progresses, then you can purchase the Woodio deck and interchange it with your existing Exoskeleton. Precisely the reason behind the modular board concept of the INOBO founders!

Sizes: 132x39.5, 135x40, 138x41 cm

On The Water

The Woodio was a welcome surprise when we hopped on it in some relatively average mixed conditions for our first outing. The strap and pad set is incredibly comfortable, almost slipper-like in feel, and provided excellent feedback and control while keeping our feet secure. The actual board is lightweight and lively and certainly makes for some fun riding.

The Woodio is pretty flexy compared with some more freestyle boards, which though means it may not be suitable for the most hardcore among us, does mean it has a super smooth ride and eats chop for breakfast.

Upwind the board rides well, no doubt helped by the long rail and tip channelling. Through the chop, there was a small bit of spray thrown up, but the riding comfort more than made up for this. The Woodio is a relatively lightweight board, and this coupled with its playful nature meant throwing it around both on the ocean surface and in the air was really good fun. Low spin weight and some aggressive edging resulted in some classic old school moves being thrown, with landings to rival the softest of them all.

As the more freestyle orientated board from the range, we later tested the Woodio in pretty perfect butter flat conditions so see how it fared. Again, it performed well. While not an overly stiff hard-hitter for those looking nail a double handle pass (INOBO’s wakestyle focussed Evio would probably be more suited for that) it does however provided a fantastic and very accessible pop which will get you well on your way there.


We enjoyed the INOBO Woodio. Comfort in all departments, it looks sweet, has a high-quality finish and having a full-carbon skeleton makes it that bit more special. Clearly, more than just a novelty when the board is as fun to ride as the Woodio, being able to utilise the same Exoskeleton and select the appropriate deck depending on your riding style or the conditions is even more of a bonus.


This review was in Issue 78 of IKSURFMAG.

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