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Kitesurfing Reviews - INOBO Kiteboarding WAVIO 135 x 40cm 2019
Kitesurfing Reviews - INOBO Kiteboarding WAVIO 135 x 40cm 2019
INOBO Kiteboarding WAVIO

Inobo are a brand with a whole new concept of board design and creation; an ‘Exoskeleton’ made of carbon, and a deck chosen to create a board with the characteristics to suit your style. Born of the idea that you should be able to adapt your board to the style and conditions of the day, the two French students who…

Kitesurfing Reviews - INOBO Kiteboarding Woodio 135 x 40cm 2019
Kitesurfing Reviews - INOBO Kiteboarding Woodio 135 x 40cm 2019
INOBO Kiteboarding Woodio

The Woodio is the freestyle orientated model from the INOBO line up. Featuring the same Exoskeleton as on all their range, it is the deck of the board that gives the distinct characteristics, appearance and riding style. The INOBO Exoskeleton is an independent structure made entirely of prepreg carbon which then sits atop whichever base you so chose to complement…

5 months ago

Transparent kiteboards with carbon skeletons, where you can choose the size, shape, and material of your deck; Interested? Read on! It all started three years…

Issue 78

We've got a huge test this issue with kites, surfboards, twin tips and hydrofoils getting put through their paces, featuring Cabrinha, Naish, Duotone, Flysurfer, Ozone, INOBO, and SurfEars.

7 months ago
Issue 77

More boards and kites get put through their paces this issue, check out the best tests in the business right here, this issue we have gear on test from Eleveight, F-ONE, Cabrinha, Airush, North Kiteboarding, Shinn, CrazyFly, Peterlynn, Kitelement and Inobo! Check them out here!

9 months ago

INOBO is developing and selling a modular kiteboard. 09/01/2016 « With INOBO, we wanted to proposed something new, something different in kitesurfing world» INOBO, young french company, develops a modular kiteboard made in France. At first, there were the idea of transparency. We wanted to proposed something new, something different and a transparent board was something we couldn't find. But an idea leading to an other, the architecture of the board that we came up with to achieve our first idea, truly get us to the next level of innovation in kitesurfing. INOBO is not just a « board », it’s a combination of a carbon exoskeleton and a deck. We completely change the structure of a classic kiteboard, and nobody has done that before. Born from engineering and passion, INOBO is what a kitesurfer, in need of polyvalence and performance is looking for. So, this is our concept : an highly performant evolutionary board that you could adapt regarding your level, the spot conditions and the riding style you’re looking for. On one hand, the carbon exoskeleton ensure stiffness to the board, whereas on the other hand, the deck enable you to go from a comfy, steady board to a playfull and dynamic one depending on the deck you choose. The range of decks we proposed varies on size, shape and material (transparent, wood or carbon) and by combining one to the exoskeleton, you are shaping your board as you like it to be. Sold from 99€, the variety of decks proposed enable you to have many boards in just one as well as giving you the opportunity to upgrade your riding style or change you board decoration at a low price. Visit for more information and follow us on instagram and facebook. And if you want test our board, contact us or one of our ambassadors! Product/Service

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