INOBO Kiteboarding WAVIO 135 x 40cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

INOBO Kiteboarding WAVIO 135 x 40cm 2019

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At A Glance

Inobo are a brand with a whole new concept of board design and creation; an ‘Exoskeleton’ made of carbon, and a deck chosen to create a board with the characteristics to suit your style. Born of the idea that you should be able to adapt your board to the style and conditions of the day, the two French students who created the brand went back to the drawing board and decided they needed to rethink the entire kitesurf board concept.

We had on test the Wavio board, which uses a polycarbonate see-through deck for a completely different riding experience. The carbon Exoskeleton gives the board its rigidity, whilst the deck of the board holds the ‘feel’ of the ride. An entirely carbon web makes the Exoskeleton, and its production process is one of that similar to the creation of a high performing hydrofoil. This idea ensures there will never be any delamination or other problems, that can occasionally arise with a more traditionally produced twin tip.

Equipped with colourful pads and straps, they are simple but completely comfortable with a large adjustment available to cater for all foot sizes. Good quality fins and a handle complete the package.

Sizes: 132x39.5, 135x40, 138x41cm

"The Wavio deck itself offers some of the smoothest riding around"

On The Water

The unique beauty of this board is of course the ability to watch the water underfoot as you cruise. Riding through tropical waters will no doubt be a slightly more pleasant experience than the English Channel in this respect, but none the less proves a novel experience regardless of the water colour.

The Wavio is very soft underfoot, leading to perhaps one of the comfiest rides we have experienced. Upwind is good, the flex of the tips with the stiffer skeleton enable the board to drive well. Incredibly manoeuverable thanks to the slimmer tips, the board was great fun in the waves and bigger lumps of chop as you can switch from heel to toe effortlessly, and really drive the board through big carves.

Through chop the Wavio simply absorbs everything in its path, and onto flat water you are able to hold some good speed comfortably.

The softness of the board is not quite so suited to freestyle riding, however will offer incredibly comfortable landings to big jumps and is great for some all-round freeride performance.


A unique board in both design and feel; do not be put off by the Inobo Wavio. The ability to change the modular deck is fantastic, and the Wavio deck itself offers some of the smoothest riding around. Not vastly high performing, it is however great for someone who likes to cruise, and perhaps in choppier conditions as this board will simply absorb any lump of water which comes at you.


This review was in Issue 77 of IKSURFMAG.

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