North Kiteboarding Atmos Carbon 138 x 41cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Atmos Carbon 138 x 41cm 2019

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At A Glance

Nick Jacobsen’s weapon of choice is always going to generate a lot of interest: he’s rolling on a tricked out version of the Atmos big air and freeride board from North Kiteboarding. The full carbon layup includes multiple flavours of the wonder material in different layups to create a light and stiff board that looks murdered out in the full black colourway.

With a freeride outline, the Atmos Carbon shares the same shape as the Hybrid version. The tips are tucked a little to aid carving, and there is a single concave running in the centre with a quad concave in the tips. There is a medium rocker line running throughout the length of the board to promote early planing, and the board features a more dynamic flex pattern than the Hybrid version for added pop.

Fixures and fittings come in the shape of the Flex Bindings that North Kiteboarding have been developing with Hugh Pinfold. With a grippy EVA footpad and a triple connection strap, it is easy to get the right fit for your foot. You can set the adjustment between small, medium and large feet, and in addition, there is a high rise in the EVA bed to improve comfort for people with wide feet.

On The Water

The Atmos Carbon was arguably the standout board in the North Kiteboarding range when we were testing them. The Hybrid version is excellent and arguably offers a slightly smoother ride in the chop. However, the performance of the Carbon version in rough water was really surprising. Despite being noticeably stiffer, those rounded tips help it cut through the rough stuff.

Even with a recovering broken ankle and bad knees, I found the ride to be smooth and enjoyable, which is a testament to the flex and how it is handled but also the shape of the board. Pop and launching off the water is immense; the ability to load the edge and hold the power is impressive, and huge jumps and boosts are easy on the Atmos Carbon. It’s easy to see why Nick Jacobsen likes it so much!

Upwind is excellent with the sharp rails and 40mm fins offering limitless grip, and the board channelling lots of power from the kite and turning it into forward momentum. The board is very quick, and with that speed comes plenty of control too.


A real standout from the North Kiteboarding range, the Atmos Carbon impressed us on all levels. Don’t be put off by the stiffer and more dynamic nature; this board still cuts through the chop and offers a smooth and easy ride. It’s loaded with pop and performance too. Intermediate to expert riders will get a lot out of this board, and the fixtures and finish are of a very high standard.


This review was in Issue 78 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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